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Joy Wisdom Trust NFP designed to be different. New platform for Womens Health and parenting

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

I launched Joy Wisdom Trust a year ago together with celebrations of twelve years of Allonus accelerated Holistic training. Joy Wisdom Trust is about correction, prevention, understanding with new visions on improving core resilience and re-establishing self-esteem. The aim of JWT is to become self-sufficient with donations and corporate training programmes to all genders and cultural groups.

Since the launch we have progressed building contacts and running webinars, and education packages. Education is the key to helping women with PTSD, PND, birth trauma, all types of maternity experiences, IVF, pregnancy loss and abuse. Mental health is a big part of the picture in women’s health. Regular articles, blogs, videos and JWT has a digital brochure to explain more about what our aims/goals are and what we want to support. A big programme of development is underway.

There is no doubt women’s health issues are complex. World Health Authority data shows this is a global problem with billions of women suffering from lack of understanding and person centred care in these very sensitive situations women find themselves experiencing with little knowledge to support couples and professionals. From a JWT perspective we need to highlight and groups/charities join together in a networking and sharing knowledge and understanding together for revolutionary unity change for the betterment of women and children. Because maternity issues not only affects women but their children and family unit too. The ripples are great and underestimated long term issues that come to all in those scenarios.

Mental health issues go hand in hand with maternity issues,

Birth trauma for parents and child; menopause and abuse etc. There are numerous women’s health issues including menopause that is not fully supported or understood. As the government’s own women’s health survey highlighted. Blind to the reality of women’s extensive health conditions that follow on from genealogical issues.

Hormonal imbalances are involved in many of the disorders women suffer. Education on a society level as well as professional, individual and marketplace/ career level needs action. To help women earlier. Knowledge of their biological internal actions is necessary to take into our schools and colleges so girls understand to flag up issues earlier in life to prevent distressing outcomes later. A long term plan of action for JWT. The goal is to bring a bigger platform of awareness to masses. Both genders require education. In early prevention and avoid extended health conditions.

Not only are we promoting education and awareness, highlighting areas of concern to government. We also have a 12-point programme to help couples, individuals and groups with a team of specialist therapies on a 1-2-1 level to assist with a combination clinical approach as we must include practices to heal the trauma of the shocking experiences women/parents/children live. It is amazing how many people live underlying loss, grief and forms of PTSD, PND without knowing, it becomes the norm when abnormal. Remain entrapped in their plight.

You can be passing these people in the street, in the supermarket, on the train etc. they won’t have a sign saying ‘I am lost, I live loss and anxiety, depression and stress’. But they will live it. And Adverse trauma continues to produce psycho somoto, mind-body-emotional disorders. Anxiety is common which can turn into a more aggressive physical disorder/s over long term. It may have started in the womb. Living dominant lineage and parental vulnerabilities. The domino effect continues without consciousness. Subconsciously driven, emotional pain remains from the weariness of women’s health issues.

Joy wisdom Trust is about correction, prevention, understanding with new visions on improving core resilience and re-establishing self-esteem. The aim of JWT is to become self-sufficient with corporate and training programmes on offer to all genders and cultural groups.

JWT goals: offering individual, group and couples, paid, concession and free assistance with a range of education and health, lifestyle review, therapy, programmes. Specialist training helps to recognise the signs of distress. JWT offers person centred and wellbeing at a core level, a listening ear and guiding, mentoring moving on to live without anxiety, distress, PTSD.

With Joy’s in depth experience and knowledge of working with women and children, acknowledging in the past women have been left on their own to muddle through, leaving them wanting. Instead of eliminating and healing the trauma they suffer no matter how long ago it was. Putting this knowledge and experience into JWT programmes and approaches, offers a whole approach with compassionate understanding.

We can prevent with JWT action and your support helps us to help family life. All who are affected, suffering emotional maternity loss, women’s health issues etc.

If you have previously visited Joy for personal or family sessions, know someone who has benefited from Joy’s approach. Visited one of her D.A.R.E practitioners. Or even recommended others. Joined a training group or workshop. Attended a webinar or seminar to help with personal empowerment or learn skills to help support and transform self.

I would ask you to please donate to JWT so we may help others who could benefit from the personal centred care Joy promotes for fast action and long lasting wellbeing results.

Please spread the word so others can find us and support enlightening campaigns, radical informational and therapy approaches to tackle women’s and indirectly children’s lives. Because when mum is ill or unhappy it spreads to the whole family unit…. Help us to help them prevent the ripple effect.

The more we change, the more our world changes and future generations can live without emotional pain transferred from their own formation.

Joy Wisdom Trust is available for webinars, talks and seminars

See more with JWT digital brochure -

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