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Menopause under educated

Updated: Feb 2

Menopause under educated, not prepared, no idea!


Women are living longer. Today Menopause is an everyday modern situation, all women of a certain age go through menopause. A time of new opportunities and liberated life. New outlooks and bucket list travel.  New starts, new chapters to live.


Government surveys show women are not aware, greatly under educated on facts and what to expect when menopause years begin. Unaware of Perimenopause or the hormonal decline outcomes from menopause years. Under the illusion of a few years then done! Think again..  


Women have a lot to put up with menstrual issues, conception, pregnancy and gynaecological issues from early years. And it makes sense if you have lived issues, live with hormonal and endocrine imbalances it won’t go away when entering perimenopause. May have endured endometriosis and/or fibroids and eventual hysterectomy, where early menopause is instigated much earlier.


We have a lot of influences our grandmothers didn’t need to worry about in menopause.

Imbalances and overload of Oestrogen from birth pill, steroids and HRT.  Oestrogen is in our food chain (steroids are given to animals in farming). Elimination is challenged. For several decades, not fully filtered out of our drinking water.   Overload of Oestrogen are factors in a long list of gynological issues, endometriosis, fibroids, infertility, POCS, Breast cancer, strokes etc.  Many women live overload and imbalance, influencing poor health and wellbeing


Essentially, balanced hormones are key to a smooth menopause outcome. Sooner corrected, the easier life will be… that is the answer for all ages, not just perimenopause or menopausal years.


If we have lived a charmed life, no gynaecological issues, kept fit, nurtured ourselves, menopause can be a wonderful release and time of liberation, with periods and menstruation gone, more choice for the liberated women sexually. 


More often than not reality is a mixed bag of wonderment as hormonal decline starts, continues and eventually runs out. A harrowing time for some women, who feel every stage of decline, estimated to be around 45% of women who find menopause a scary time with mind-body-emotion trauma. With no rule book to follow.


When physical imbalances are highlighted from lifestyle and lack of nurturing, Body imbalance spotlighted, a boomerang effect, keeps catching us out, as women enter menopause years.


Self-help, providing avoidance and prevention is key to enter menopause years in control, able to manage symptoms with confidence. Knowledge is essential as menopause surges will come and go for quite some time. In reality over a decade plus!  Preparation and knowing is the answer. What to avoid, what to add, how to smoothly buffer symptoms instead of irritating the process. More lows than highs!

Avoid the emotionally out of control living.   It can be so much better, enjoying the decade instead of limping through.


Joy Wisdom Trust offers education, practical application and support, plus hormonal correction/maintenance packages. 

Get your ZEST for LIFE back with JWT.


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