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About Joy Wisdom Trust

Turning Interest into Action

Joy Wisdom Trust is a not-for-profit organisation. Formed by Joy Wisdom who has a wealth of professional health knowledge and specialised professionally in pregnancy, psychological wellbeing, women’s and children’s health. Joy identified a gap in services and a lack of assistance for menopause and mental health issues like abuse, maternity and adverse birth trauma.

Our Goals

We want to educate people about the way we are born and how it can have a long-lasting effect on our wellbeing. As emotional and psychological issues can occur from the womb, planning a pregnancy needs to include improving women’s health care while pregnant. JWT provides a wider platform for professional, group and individual innovative learning. Prevention is key to reduce trauma, deal with core issues like maternity loss, and bring contented happy outcomes. 

Our Experience

Joy Wisdom is a long-term clinical practitioner, educator, and author. Founder of Allonus ‘Zest of Life’ training Life’ training programmes. Passionate about pregnancy and children’s health. Joy has a wealth of knowledge to share with a background in treating women and children’s health disorders. Joy has specialised in birth and adverse trauma disorders, postnatal PTSD, emotional, and psychological conditions for several decades.

A card telling people to love themselves after maternity loss or postnatal PTSD


Approaching problems holistically

JWT structure provides key prevention and bigger picture perception twelve-point-programme to support both men and women planning a pregnancy.  Logic tells us it is essential to support women in pregnancy for children’s improved health and psychological wellbeing. The health of the mother (physically and psychologically) is paramount in gestation. Both parents need a lifestyle check if miscarriage or infertility is in question. Changes may be required and suggested to assist the best health options for new life and full term pregnancy. After all we put more thought into buying a new car than we do producing new life!

For some decades UK and areas around the world have been deficient in producing effective treatments and follow up programmes for miscarriage, adverse trauma in pregnancy, PND/PTSD etc. and abuse. The themes JWT have identified where health care and support are weak and need new approaches for wellbeing and improved education and prevention:

  • Miscarriage

  • Pregnancy

  • Parental Support

  • Abuse

  • Stillbirth

  • Neonatal early fatalities

  • Mental Health/ psychological disorders

  • Managing menopause

The Joy Wisdom Trust can fill the gap with unique approaches and solutions for faster track recovery. The longer we ignore the bigger the future health risk for both mother and baby. Education is key to help highlight weak and misunderstood areas where unsupported programmes exist. Professional and individual education is required to bring a bigger picture approach for humanity. 1 to 1 therapy is required to help the individual (or family) to move on.

A family that succeeded in planning a pregnancy
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