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JWT Support Programmes

Unique and bespoke programmes/ packages are used for infants, children, individuals, couples and families. 

Tailored programmes will be assessed at consultation and bespoke package costs will be discussed accordingly.

JWT will offer free/ concession programmes and assistance for low income individuals and family services. 

Donations, grants and professional training supports Free and Concession programme availability

Please feel free to 
for more information

Maternity & Children

Get fit for conception                                                    3–4-month programme 
Lifestyle and maternity preparation
individual/couples                                                        3 – 4-month programme
Pregnancy loss, Miscarriage programmes
individuals/couples                                                                            = 6-10 weekly
IVF – individuals and couples                                                           = 6-10 weekly
Maternal trauma PND/PTSD                                                              = 8-12 weekly
Maternal depression and anxiety                                                     = 4-8 weekly
Self-esteem programmes                                                                 = 6-8 weekly
Psychological pain and life circumstances                                   = 6-10 weekly
Family Grief and Loss                                                                         = 6-10 weekly

Maternity support packages                     3 - 6-month support programme 
Includes mother and baby realignment after giving birth
Abdominal gridding for muscle realignment                                      = 3 weekly
Birth trauma check for baby and mother                                        = 3/4 weekly
Parenting and Going home expectations                                   1-2-1 & webinar
Birth Trauma - Mother Baby / Dad                                                    = 4-6 weekly
Women’s realignment from pregnancy                                          = 4-6 weekly
Baby’s realignment from Utero                                                      = 2-3 sessions
Baby’s Colic and fractious sleep                                                    = 2-4 sessions

Adverse trauma and Birth Trauma                                                 = 8-10 weekly

ADHD / cognitive behaviour issues                                                 = 8-10 weekly
Lifestyle and diet: reducing hyperactivity                                        = 2-4 weekly
Digestive disorders and Eczema                                                      = 6-8 weekly
Anxiety and Sleep issues                                                                    = 6-8 weekly
Child Depression                                                                                 = 6-8 weekly 
Attachment disorder                                                                         = 8-12 weekly 
Parenting and behaviour issues                                                       = 6-8 weekly


Professional training / education programmes  

Unique and tailored group training programmes offered - contact me for group and/or webinar training costs.

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