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Osteoporosis and menopause

Osteoporosis is a debilitating disorder and women often suffer from this issue in menopause. Hormonal depletion can highlight bone issues especially in elder menopause.

Common symptoms are weak writs, fingers swelling and hand grip.


We know refined sugar is bad for organs and internal systems in our body, including bones. Trials are now indicating too much refined sugar in our diet can lead to Osteoporosis. All comes down to how well we individually absorb and generate calcium internally.


The balance of calcium, absorption is set in womb formation.

Did our mother have a good supply of calcium to pass on to us. In pregnancy women are often drained in minerals, as demand increases via infant.  Especially 3rd trimester, and mothers can find they have aches and pains, even dental issues.


Nutritionally, highlighting how fine a balance nutrients are. We need a good balance of several nutrients for proper calcium absorption.

A balance of sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Zinc and copper are other nutrients that play a part too in skeletal tissue alignment. Any imbalance here can cause calcium depletion over time.



Osteoporosis and sugar

So far we have not associated excess of sugar, as the perpetrator of increase in the excretion of calcium through our urine. By consuming too much sugar, we can tip the balance, literally draining vital calcium away from bones. When bones aren’t getting the calcium they need, the result can be reduced bone density over time.

We may not realise we starting to suffer with osteoporosis until symptoms begin to show themselves. Symptoms such as a weaker grip, making lifting morning mug of tea or coffee awkward. More extreme cause and effects from bone fractures after a harmless bump.  


Correcting the imbalances will need to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent long term issues.

Lack of calcium has been seen as the problem with bone issues for some time.

Hair analysis will give an accurate picture of calcium absorption with supplementation and rebalancing a whole host of minerals to correct. Diet and lifestyle may also be suggested. Exercise is often suggested. However until the mineral imbalance has been corrected, it may be a risk rather than a helper until correction has been completed.


Contact Joy Wisdom Trust for more information, hair analysis and menopause self -care solutions.


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