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Mental Health week and pregnancy loss

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Mental health week brought a second involvement of government with charity SANDS and Tommy’s promoting political loud noise about pregnancy loss and miscarriage. Presenting to MP’s and government representatives a SANDS/Tommy’s joint policy to help prevent miscarriage and still births. Reality data was presented to the government representatives a cry for awakening and action for women and children. Pregnancy loss continues at unacceptable levels. Preterm births rate 8% of all births UK has had increases and reductions around data collection however, overall increased. UK has been known to have the highest preterm birth level in Europe for some time. Government resits collecting miscarriage data, therefore we don’t know the full extent of pregnancy loss/miscarriage for UK. Maybe an ignorant reason governments want to keep! Universities, charities have been shouting about this for decades, yet ignored continually. The long term strain and emotional outcomes for families, has a knock on effect on family and personal relationships, careers and close family unit is astounding. Affecting economically personal and social standing. Pregnancy issues have a long arm of health disorders for parents and children. Read more from their full report. Society resists extensive care and nurturing of our pregnant women and children are lost due to old thinking and economically driven. Which is back to front thinking from Joy Wisdom Trust point of view. We would enhance life and living if we introduced care packages, save lives and stop suffering… and economically gain from prevention producing healthy babies. The full extent on women’s emotional and mental health issues regarding maternity outcomes is ignored and continues with a blaze approach. Seems another blindspot for society, medics and government. Surely it is a red light to indicate we are doing something very wrong in maternity programmes of care for data percentages to grow. Behind every loss there is a family, couple who are struggling and suffering because we have no support or preventative options for them. Little help medically and a poor attitude regarding miscarriage and pregnancy loss. We talk about person centred care. However finding it is a challenge. As discussed in my book Pregnancy and Birth a New Generation. A women’s wellbeing is lost in the melee of forms and tick box exercises… ! For long term improvements to prevent future generations living a mis match of medical care in maternity and menopause lived now. Early puberty education to prepare for pregnancy, avoid miscarriage and still birth etc., Understanding lifestyle changes, biological, hormonal education is required on all fronts, professional and individual to make change and prevent further society issues. We put more time and money into gender, sexual possibilities instead of the real needs of females regarding their biological long term cause and effect situations that can make their lives a misery for life! Prevent maternity and hinder menopause. Two of the greatest impacts upon female lives, emotionally and psychologically. Ignoring biological facts, old out of date black and white thinking remains reducing successful results. Individuals are biologically, hormonally unique and need to be treated as a unique package, instead of reading from a text book or tick box list, where no understanding exists of a persons needs. Or unique biological/hormonal processes. We need to nurture our women in pregnancy, they need support in this vulnerable time. By reducing pregnant women’s anxiety and depression we improve the forming child’s health. Helping to prevent utero anxiety and depression in newborns that will go on to ruin their lives and living… Reducing children’s mental health issues. Which continues to grow to alarming results…. We need to join the dots here… put the ducks in a row.. one complication results in many contra indicators for mother and child, family unit dysfunctions and society overwhelm with mental health disorders. Reducing our dependency on NHS and health/social care. Because a good maternity outcome is key to reduce societies mental health numbers. We as a society, government and parent, need to take control of the alarming situation of chaotic outcomes around maternity and pregnancy loss causing long term mental health transferred to future generations. Prevention is URGENTLY required. To stop cycle and circle of poor health outcomes.

AVOID, PREVENT. THINK of the creations being formed from early formation and life…. The decline continues if we don’t change our thinking on all levels of society and medical guidelines/programmes. Joy Wisdom Trust is pioneering new thinking solutions and prevention packages for women’s health disorders. Joy advocates, we need to heal and correct the past to help prevent disappointments in maternity and pregnancy loss. Individuals, couples, community groups, corporate education and health care lifestyle solution programmes. 1-2-1 Therapy options and prevention, avoidance, solution training/education workshop, webinars talks and seminars. Empowering women programmes. Digital Brochure link:

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