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Centuries gynaecological issues have been accepted as normal. When they are abnormal.

Updated: Jan 24

Balanced hormones are the cornerstones of our good health. How normal is your normal hormonal function? Every women or teen is different in hormonal function. Symptoms include suffering period pains, PMS, etc., Billions of hours are lost to women's suffering, menstrual and hormonal disorders. Without correction causes further disorders such as menstrual cramps, infertility, endometriosis, severe menopause symptoms.

Imbalanced hormones start early and can be felt at puberty. Hormonal imbalance is linked to conditions like PCOS, Endometriosis, PMS, menstrual problems, infertility, smooth or not so smooth pregnancy and birth process. Maternal stress and depression, anxiety, Menopause, Perimenopause symptoms and fibroids.


Time females were informed and helped to understand inner body systems and why hormones become dysfunctional.

Did you know with hormonal understanding and education you can manage your hormonal imbalances and/or hormonal rollercoaster many women live.


As females, our hormones are involved in core and key aspects of our lives. Everything about us revolves around hormones and how well they are functioning. Responsible for our mood, menstrual issues, conception, maternal feelings and stress. How well we will birth, conceive and in menopause the rollercoaster can accelerate with the imbalances lived, spotlighted harshly for some women.


Hormones are a mystery for many generations. More understanding and education is required to understand how we can improve and reduce hormonal imbalances, to live life in a better and healthier way.  JWT advocates we should be taught this in our teens, to avoid and prevent many of the health disorders, gynological issues,  imbalanced hormones cause.


With knowledge and practical applications to lifestyle and functional medicine, correcting and managing hormones, we can help change PMS symptoms, conception issues, improve our menopause journey before we get there.


We don’t have to live with hormonal imbalances. Finding the cause and effect, correcting means individuals can manage more of themselves. Avoid the hormonal rollercoaster and Gynological issues, PMS symptoms etc. prevention is the key. Balanced hormones are the key to good female health.


We only know what we know until we know differently! 


Joy Wisdom Trust


Joy Wisdom Trust has packages and programmes of education to help women throughout menstrual and menopause life. Practical help, therapy to prevent and avoid hormonal challenges. Avoid depression, anxiety and menstrual depression, Birth Trauma, PPD, PTSD.


JWT team is ready to help you – book a free 20 min call to find out more.


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