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Braking news – 2021 got survey

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

2021 England’s women’s survey results from over 100,000 women. The overall finds were staggering. Women felt unsupported, not heard or taken seriously by professionals and unsupported in their menstrual, menopause, infertility and maternity issues, by health care providers.

Birmingham University published three articles in the Lancet in April 2021, that substantiated women’s devastation and mental health issues from miscarriage. Just one of the many factors that affects women of childbearing age.

From the UK government survey and Lancet articles, government departments have been shamed into action and released its first Women’s Health Strategy for England in July 2022. Unfortunately, the strategy does not include miscarriage data collection to find out how and why so many women are suffering from miscarriage etc., A disappointment with obvious lost opportunity for advancement.

The other disappointment is the strategy is not nationwide and does not include devolved parts of the country. Devolved governments response and set up is awaited to unfold. No precise announcements of how long we will have to wait so far.

From Joy Wisdom Trust perspective the problems facing women are national and changes should reflect the reality situation. It should rollout nationwide as a matter of course when women are left on their own from unjust lack of care situations. A global issue, where thousands of women daily suffer from infertility and miscarriage. Devolved government strategies should not be a barrier to women’s care or duty of care from our society. It is a much bigger picture than is described from Birmingham university. Unsuccessful IVF processes also include the distress of miscarriage. IVF can be a roller coaster for older women and partners, bringing bigger challenges and devastation for couples on a regular basis, and the only hope they have. Many celebs have shared their stories to no avail.

Education is required on a big scale to help, assist couples and professionals in the emotional issues that continually come from infertility, miscarriage, maternity and IVF. From a JWT perspective, the survey has shown professional and general understanding is below standard. With no human centred approaches in place. A sorry state of affairs happening daily in greater numbers than realised.

Unfortunately, the Birmingham University finds and article announcement, highlights ‘miscarriage with its harrowing aftermath’. Is not new although marketed as breaking news!

Facts are women have lived through too many generations and decades of no recognition or awareness of the ongoing plight for couples and individual women. The fact is some women are so damaged from their experience they do not ever get over the loss and grief of her miscarriage. The emotional heartbreak and devastation remains deep and raw, even years later, grief remains and felt is if it was yesterday. Even if couple go on to succeed in birth, the emotional trauma can pass on to their infant, (acknowledged by WHO) and often suffer from underlying PND and PTSD.

The Birmingham University article finds are astounding and sobering.

Identifying depression and an even a greater risk of suicide for those who experience miscarriage. Indicating the long standing issue for women who have been ignored for far too long with infertility and miscarriage complications. Their findings included:

  1. Female age is one of the most prominent risk factors for miscarriage, with the rate increasing significantly among women aged 40 and over.

  2. Miscarriage was seen to double the risk of depression and quadruple the risk of suicide

  3. Recurrent miscarriage can be linked to future pregnancy complications, such as premature birth.

This breaking research in The Lancet journal thoroughly debunks the long-held myth that miscarriage is ‘just one of those things’ and an unavoidable part of a pregnancy journey.

On the back of the research findings and recommendations, university called on the UK government to improve miscarriage care. Believing it’s unacceptable that parents have to go through 3 miscarriages before getting support and want personalised care for women at higher risk, including Black women and those over 40.

From JWT perspective research does not go far enough

It is the sobering tip of the iceberg, and bigger perspective needs to be included in the duty of care as a society at the moment women live morally inadequate processes and programmes in health care. No human centred approach exists to support women after pregnancy. Whereas other European countries do have programme set ups of after care.

It is not rocket science. Long term it would save our NHS and help prevent long term physical and psychological disorders for society. Our children could be prevented from taking on their parents depression and sorrow from baby loss. Living with depression and anxiety that is put upon them from a young age.

The long term myth of just of ‘one of those things’ needs blowing out of the water, outdated and morally wrong in today’s society. Crass remarks are unacceptable in today’s society. Individual lack of understanding, hospital staff poor attitude and training in baby loss needs to urgently change. Not helping couples who are in the throes of emotional trauma.

The fact is not a lot has changed in twelve years when I identified all the above and wrote about it in detail in my book Pregnancy and Birth a New Generation. Data facts have increased tremendously in all areas of mental health and maternity issues without acknowledgement. No preventative programmes have been set up. A great tragedy to humanity exists with ignorance.

One of the reasons JWT organisation has been launched. To help bring a bigger platform of awareness to the injustice to women and children ignored from the global plight that has existed for decades. To help prevent and avoid outcomes with education and therapy support. Help couples understand they need to become fit for pregnancy. The internal state is the core issue, which can be simply improved with correct anatomy guidance, biological and hormonal understanding. The body is a wonderful machine given the right corrections and nurturing we can make internal change for success.

We only know what we know until we know differently.

Joy Wisdom

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