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Trauma support for individuals and families

Helping those in need of emotional, psychological and well-being support following miscarriage, IVF, maternity or abuse trauma.

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“…Compassionate, heart-felt listening from a specialist ear. I felt nurtured….”


“…They understood my distress and held my hand with guidance. Innovative care without drugs…”


Welcome to the Joy Wisdom Trust

You will find experienced compassionate staff committed to our common goal: to provide an holistic trauma support service for individuals and families.

Get fit for pregnancy

The body may not be ready for conception. With preparation, body corrections and guidance, the chances of a successful pregnancy grows. Leverage our integrated approach to maternity. 

Maternity trauma

Maternity, IVF and miscarriage can all be traumatic. Our specialist staff address trauma and loss holistically. By helping to correct hormonal imbalances we can help reduce trauma and anxiety. 

Abuse and mental health

Globally, 1 in 3 women suffer some type of abuse. Physical, psychological and emotional trauma has life-long effects. We offer integrated education and therapy programmes to help victims get their lives back.

Specialised support

JWT offers specialist, compassionate staff, who can assist and give a helping hand to devastated couples, individuals and groups. 

Digital online support  

Face-to-face professional discussions. Confidential and private interactions.

Top methods

Our methods are cutting edge and result in faster recovery as emotions dissolve and resolve for the individual.

Professional staff​

Qualified professional staff with a high standard of education will greet you.

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P.O.Box 65, Llangollen, LL20 7BG