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Trauma support for individuals and families

Helping those in need of emotional, psychological and well-being support following miscarriage, IVF, maternity or abuse trauma. We offer help to those planning a pregnancy in need of emotional support.

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Our Programs

Making a Difference

Get fit for pregnancy

Planning to get pregnant? The body may not be ready for conception. With preparation, body corrections and guidance, the chances of a successful pregnancy grows. Leverage our integrated approach to maternity. 

Maternity trauma

In need of birth trauma therapy? Maternity, IVF and miscarriage can all be traumatic. Our specialist staff address trauma and loss holistically. By helping to correct hormonal imbalances, we can help reduce trauma and anxiety. 

Abuse and mental health

Globally, 1 in 3 women suffer some type of abuse. Physical, psychological and emotional trauma has life-long effects. We offer integrated education, couples therapy, and other therapy programmes to help victims get their lives back.

Our Clients Say

"I wish I had used JWT for my first pregnancy/labour. I strongly recommend D.A.R.E sessions for everything to go as smooth as possible and enjoy every minute of your pregnancy and labour."


Who We Are

Our Roots

Our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly in the actions of our initiatives. With Joy Wisdom Trust, you will find experienced, compassionate staff committed to our common goal, to provide a holistic trauma support service for individuals and families. Whether you need couples therapy or menopause and mental health support, we can offer help.

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What we do

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Learn about the ethos and services provided by Joy Wisdom Trust, that offer A VOICE and PLATFORM for women’s and children’s health disorders.

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