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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

by Joy Wisdom

In a recent article comment I was asked regarding my article on miscarriage, did I believe from a spiritual perspective miscarriage is due to a soul not ready to come into life. There are so many spiritual scenarios to take into consideration around miscarriage. And completely agreed regarding a Soul not ready. Souls are traumatised from life and the harshness lived on earth. It takes a lot of courage to come back into life when traumatic memories are still raw. Indeed, we can be plagued from past life issues in health and psychologically, undermining life today. Trauma is a strong bond, and a lot of people live with underlying PTSD even from the womb!

In my many years of working with couples I have often come across a conception and early miscarriage due to a soul choosing a trial run. It can be rare however does happen.

Souls choose their parents. A trial run is arranged for a soul who may have had a challenging time in life previously and uncertain about coming into life again. A trial run is where the soul is not meant to stay long beyond conception, giving the embryo a chance to experience being made from LOVE a different sacred scenario and formation. Once the experience is felt and learned, miscarriage takes place.

When I have shared this information to the mother it has brought comfort. Explaining the miscarriage scenario. Chosen couples have acted in sacred service to the soul. Bringing a different understanding. Knowing it is not their fault. But a decision of the foetus. Parents often go on to have a successful pregnancy once their grief has been removed. Essential for next conception. Ensuring the next conception is not tainted from the grief of the previous conception and baby loss.

Otherwise, mothers’ devastation from baby loss can be transferred onto the sibling that comes next….! A common find within individuals, with mental/emotional health issues today. Having been affected from Utero. Naturally taken on mothers’ sadness, anxiety and grief following on from lost sibling. The next sibling lives the devastation in their own life. Formed from mother’s situation while pregnant. The outcomes can be a cocktail of emotions underlying life. Lack of self-esteem, trauma, lack of bonding and feeling vulnerable… the list goes on.

Perhaps a new concept, however logical. Nothing is separate in formation, we feel what the mother feels and take on board her unique hormonal, chemical and peptide secretions. We then become formed from mothers’ hormonal status, creating our own base lines, coping strategies and develop cognitive and brain pathway formation to suit hormonal secretions. Living small and large underlying percentages of mother’s distress in life today.

Why I teach practitioners ‘how to’ help eliminate historical life health issues, together with soul impacts from/to individuals. A wonderful skill to work with for individuals, and couples. The fact is we all have soul impacts from life. Neglect, lack of love and harsh living takes it’s toll on all of us. It is not just embryos. And traumas can be passed on in the womb.

The overlays and birth trauma from formation can be tackled, helping to eliminate underlying formation and transference issues, embryos do take on emotional trauma from mum, PND/PTD.

Emotional impact solutions with radical, specialist Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E intuitive whole-body Therapy). Allowing the individual to live their lives without their mothers’ emotional impacts or lineage restraints and ancient thinking/living.

We are more than the physical and we must deal with the ‘whole’ of the individual to find the true cause of ‘why’.

Read more about transference in my book: Mirror Image

Trial run and hormonal transference: Book Pregnancy & Birth A New Generation

Joy Wisdom 

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