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Pregnancy & Birth book message and download info

Conception, pregnancy (especially with IVF) can be a marathon.

We do not plan enough for conception or birth. Expectations are high and disappointments can be the outcome. Essentially, we put more effort into buying a new car than we do around conception and birth!


Life is precious and the book explains the bigger picture of conception and getting ready for pregnancy. The pitfalls of IVF and pregnancy loss. Solutions and gaining ground with alternatives to get fit for pregnancy. Essentially the body needs to be ready for conception and full term success. Nurturing and care of our women in pregnancy is paramount for successful birth experience


Without the MOT, and pregnancy support, women can be unprepared for long labours and tense, unexpected outcomes. By receiving guidance and practical suggestions, couples can be more prepared. With plans and confidence entering parenthood. Factual preparation, means both parents are ready to take charge of beyond the tick box material and equipment list.


We underestimate the outcomes from birth. The type of birth we choose is key to childhood benefits or long term health issues. Cause and effect from Birth Trauma effects the whole family and linked to childhood illness, anxiety, behaviour issues and mental health, including Eczema and ADHD. Learn more of the full book by ordering on website and amazon.

Find out how to become a specialist practitioner or health professional by training in D.A.R.E Therapy for Pregnancy and Birth.


Announcement - Now available to download 3 pdf chapters from website.


Book available in paperback and E Book.

Joy Wisdom

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