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Pregnancy and Birth

A broad spectrum book about health disorders, infertility, pregnancy, how emotions from birth and early life set our foundations for life. How mothers are during pregnancy will determine our likes and dislikes, emotional coping strategies and social interactions. Plus, woman's trauma from the birth process, miscarriage, C section, post natal depression.
Joy also looks at preventative health, new ideas on parenting, children's health issues such as allergies, behaviour issues including ADHD and looks at the pros and cons of vaccinations.

24 comprehensive chapters

From natural health care and easier conception to pregnancy practices that avoid long-term health disorders. Looking at preventative health and alternative ways for health. A broad range covered including womens health care/health issues and childrens disorders including ADHD and allergies.
New insights to how emotional impacts create our world, lack of bonding gives us emotional dysfunction, less self esteem, self worth and self confidence. During pregnancy we form our likes and dislikes, our coping strategies and emotional foundation, that will impact upon us for life.?Full of practical tips for parents and baby, case studies and over 400 clinical references back the authors vision of how we can turn around some of the dysfunctions that occur in our lives through no ones fault, but continue to impact us today in our relationships and social behaviour identifying some of our problems within society today. They very often stem from the clinical birth process and the stress of the mother!
We need to learn how to nurture our pregnant mothers, we have lost the self care and nurturing they deserve while pregnant. Very often fire fighting and being a super mum and wife, with neglect to themselves and their unborn child.
The findings are the culmination of 15 years of treating families to resolve disorders stemming back to birth and childhood. According to holistic therapist Joy Wisdom, families are seeking alternatives to mainstream drugs and intrusive pregnancy practices.
This is more than a maternity book with 736 pages covering a comprehensive range of pregnancy and birth topics, self-help tips, key indicators of clinical information, case studies and alternative choices. The appendix includes non-invasive approaches for pregnancy and preventative health with new visions for parenting.

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Pregnancy & Birth book

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