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Miscarriage a global issue

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Miscarriage is a global issue, with some countries having higher miscarriage rates than others.

The word ‘miscarriage’ is defined as a spontaneous loss of pregnancy before 24 weeks. There is no common reason why some women miscarry and in most cases prevention cannot be helped medically.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of women in the UK are affected by miscarriage effecting 10% – 20% of all confirmed pregnancies, during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Unfortunately, the bare facts are there is very little help to support women and couples after miscarriage. One of the reasons JWT has been founded to assist women in their times of distress and maternity issues.

Many reasons are responsible for the lack of conception success. Top of the list includes key mechanical issues such as lack of ovulation, egg quality and low sperm count are common problems. Today more couples delay starting a family until much later in life and underestimate the need to get fit for conception. Forward planning and preparation can help avoid distress of miscarriage.

I will share a few of the symptoms I find in couples with conception

  1. The chronological age is not necessarily the internal state for women.

  2. Lifestyle, poor diet and lack of nutrition can be issues underlying poor conception outcomes.

  3. Age is a factor in infertility.

  4. Endometrium – lining of the womb can be too thin for successful maternity outcomes.

  5. Bacteria and infection in vigina, produces chemicals to prevent conception

  6. Vitamin and mineral base lines can be low therefore impeding the body for new life.

  7. Hormonal imbalance can cause lack of progesterone, oestrogen and ??? which are essential for womb support and conception.

All the above can be improved with guided care and education programmes for couples and individuals. It may take a few months for improvements to correct. For instance to change, improve quality of sperm and ovum (egg) we need to know that it can take up to 90 days 2-3 months for sperm to mature and follicles have to mature for 90 days before they’re a contender for ovulation.

One of the goals of JTW is to help couples understand some of the hidden factors about conception and improve their chances of success in maternity.

Joy Wisdom

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