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Men’s mental health Week by Joy Wisdom

Today’s business forum and workplace demands are bigger than ever. Awareness of employee ‘overwhelm’ is minimal in the work place from Joy Wisdom’s point of view, male employees are falling like flies under the pressure of employers expectations of comparing humans to machine output.

In our transition of IT demands and communication we are over burdened with contact from email, phone, and computer. Our lives are nonstop with communication. I find it a challenge to keep up with the everyday social bombardment of incoming sales communications on a daily basis. Expected to answer enormous amounts of replies to something we didn’t take part in or want.  And with AI technology it is getting worse each day, causing burn out of mind and overload of emotion, we cannot physically cope with overload of bursting email boxes and screen use, used for social and business. The addiction of screen use is apparent everywhere, causing underlying anxiety and stress!  And that is social interactions let alone work demands!


In the office, email, phone, teams or zoom communications are common practice and of course the overview of meetings and follow up email is essential. However, when we are engaged with too much communication we have little time left to do our job, due to interactions expected by managers and team leaders.


The fact is the brain can only take so much communication.

There is no accounting for how the mind and brain works, all unique to each of us. Some people cope better than others with general demands, while others move into overwhelm from screen demands. Eyes and brain are affected by screen use.  Over the last few years we are seeing children having eye issues, causing short sighted and long range view under development due to too much screen time. We forget development is a constant theme for children of all ages, and their personal brain development is paramount for life health span outcomes.


Teens and adolescents are affected by over use of technology and school age depression, anxiety has rocketed. The long term issues for IT use were partly predicted back in the day.. by health and science providers. Saying it would affect brain development. What we see today goes way beyond brain, outcomes affects more than the brain, affecting all of us, including nervous system and emotions, we can’t cope with the overwhelm of screen use. Additionally, violence and anger, rage from games is seen in our high street with aggression in teens etc. A global issue which has grown from technology gaming, screen brainwashing and manipulation of people through growth of media. Socially we are worse off than before technology, emotionally inept in various ways. We are still learning about the harm from screen use.


The outcome is often blamed on Pandemic, however from my point of view screen use was accelerated with permanent and oversubscribed use of screen time, and Tik Tok, Facebook etc. demands during pandemic school down time. Screen use seen as ‘cool’ ‘fashionable’, however detrimental to our cognitive function and societies brainwashed objectives by technology and AI programmers.

Fact is, ‘Burn out’ will happen with overwhelm of interaction and communication. Depression and anxiety are inevitable with overwhelm, sleep deprivation, isolation, eating habits change, feeling fatigued and exhausted.  Can’t think straight and unable to focus.   All symptoms of overload of brain and brain burnout.  The brain will stop processing, as can’t take any more, too much to compute. Biologically, emotionally, anxiety and stress hormones, automated with internal chemical reactions affecting biological function. Cause and Effect of Body-Mind-Emotion – Psycho-Somoto outcomes grow with continuance of overwhelm and screen use etc.


Males in general do not communicate their feelings as well as females. Males generally find it a challenge to express and are often seen to be weak or not strong enough. Pride is a factor. Perfectionism and control often undermines behind the scenes. Males are seen traditionally as the bread winners. The hunter gather and males feel responsible for home and finances.


Shock and trauma is received from brain burn out or over use with cause and effect for all ages, males seem to be harder hit, due to their addiction of screen time.  Of course affects both genders. Isolation causes mental health issues, due to too lack of human communication. Burnout from over burdening from social and media communication.  Causing vast numbers of all ages, suffering from mental and emotional health disorders. The ongoing and growing mammoth issue from IT and AI use. Reduction of screen use is the only answer. (Read more in my book Mirror Image).


Human communication is required for brain development, remote and screen messaging is not the same. It does not aid cognitive or brain growth but impairs brain. Pick up the phone instead of texting. Face time works where we can be more genuine with our interactions, faster communication. Which saves a lot of trawling of emails!


More breaks from screens is the answer

  1. Make it your priority to have a break every 40 min from screen.

  2. Take charge of your life and screen use.

  3. Employers and professional educators need to understand we are human and cannot be compared to tech robots…. Our brains cannot tolerate the overuse. We are not machines!


Have a basket or box for phones in the hall way at home

  1. Don’t use when eating.

  2. Switch off phones, I pad etc. and have a few hours break.

  3. Don’t have your phone in your bedroom. Keep it out of the bedroom all together.

  4. Blue tooth frequencies affect the brain at night, disturbs sleep patterns.

  5. Switch off phones and have a conversation, start to engage with the brain, your intuition and reduce your anxiety.

  6. Set adult and children’s use of phones, screens etc. this includes TV screens too.


Time for change and if we do not change our thinking we will end up with no humans. With machines dictating our lives! What a horrendous thought.


You have choice. Start making a difference to your mental and emotional health.


Joy Wisdom



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