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Pregnancy, placenta barrier & toxicity

Pregnancy and Placenta barrier …toxicity travels causing infant development issues in new research.

In pregnancy we are led to believe that we have a placenta barrier against drugs and toxicity.


Since early 1980, medics have known that the placenta barrier does not exist against all drugs. Trials have proved acetaminophen transports across the placental barrier. Therefore exposure risk to drugs should include developing foetus as well as mothers. Long term issues can be formed from Utero. Mothers are unaware of the contraindicators from taking drugs while pregnant causing risks in formation to their unborn.  Mothers may think twice before taking medication for muscle ache and headaches when pregnant, as strong links have been found to children’s development in speech, Asthma, Autism and physical skin disorders recent studies show.


Doctors have asked for a greater focus on timing, dosage and duration of exposure pre and post birth. More control over when recommended or used. Siting mothers may be the risk factor for development of their offspring by taking acetaminophen (pain killer), without knowing risks involved. Second and Third Trimester are seen to have the most effects. More contraindicators found when taken late in pregnancy, influencing neurodevelopment etc.


Acetaminophen exposure has long been associated with developing Asthma, skin rash, dermatitis and allergic rhinitis. Although studies have been proved significant, it remains contradictory between scientists.


First year of life significant: A 2013 paper reported children who took acetaminophen during first year of life were double the risk of dermatitis, 66% risk for Asthma and 70% higher risk of Rhinitis. If taking antibiotics similar increases were found in infants. Taking one or both drugs didn’t change risk.


Adverse effects is toxicity, to liver for mother and unborn.

Risks of liver development and  new blood cells being affected. 


Live failure from overdose of Acetaminophen is involved in approx. 20% of liver failure transplantations in USA.


Showing long term issues undermining infant health development from utero into life.

Understanding and prevention is key to avoid health dysfunctions for our precious infants.


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