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Emotional pain and depression – true facts and solutions by Joy Wisdom

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

In 2017, Harvard university announced, pain especially chronic pain, is an emotional condition as well as a physical sensation. It is a complex experience that affects through mood and behaviour, can lead to isolation, immobility and drug dependence.

  1. Pain is depressing, and depression causes intensifies pain.

  2. People with chronic pain have three times the average risk of developing psychiatric symptoms, such as mood or anxiety disorders.

  3. Depressed individuals have three times the average risk of developing chronic pain.

I recognised emotional pain way back in early Millennia and incorporated the finds and solutions into my one-to-one practice and D.A.R.E Therapy training programme. I found the consequences of emotional pain in infants, babies and adults, all ages suffer from this phenomenon. As those who have gone before us. Emotional pain exists and causes many further disorders and disease from the aggravation of inflammation caused by stress. I went on to talk about the finds, written articles and trained/mentored others in the ignored evidence that passes most specialists by.

The cause and effect of pain and emotions are literally starving people of life. A good life, living without pain is a dream. Billions of people suffer from pain daily, excruciating and wearing down, controlled by pain. Unfortunately pain killers don’t help when there is an emotional core. Stress hormones cause Inflammation. Released when in stress, anxiety and depressed. Pain causes stress and depression and the treadmill continues with no stopping. Stress becomes worse, pain increases with no relief.

Solutions, pain management! Meditation and physio is not going to change the pain or hormonal surges causing more stress! From a complex cause and effect of events.

Solutions do exist with a radical new approach to pain and depression

By stopping the emotional surge we can stop the pain. Reduce internal inflammation, like a magic wand pain reduces and fades away as body responds to care and support with Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E). Working with real core issues for the individual, which are many and vary. The pain and depression are the result of and not the cause! I and D.A.R.E practitioners have been able to eradicate pain for individuals, clients respond feeling the lifting of a burden from them, pain evaporates, disappears with the removal of their emotional pain.

There is no need to suffer emotional pain…Ditch the pain and suffering and enjoy life!

We need to re-evaluate medication and ways of treating pain and depression

  1. Drugs used in psychiatry also serve as a pain medication : Benzodiazepines or anticonvulsants. With analgesic effects at a low level.

Depression can cause other disorders : Over lapping and interwoven, becomes a challenge to identify which came first. Emotional or physical ?

  1. Migraines are associated with depression trials have shown three times more likely to suffer.

  2. Those who already suffer from migraines have five times more likely to become depressed.

  3. Somatoform disorders including hypochondria, depression and anxiety are converted into physical symptoms.

  4. Fibromyalgia illustrates biological links between pain and depression. Muscle pain and tenderness. With no evidence of tissue damage. Yet brain scans show high pain activity in brain. Heightening sensitivity to both physical discomfort and mood changes.

  5. Low energy, insomnia, hopelessness resulting from depression and anxiety perpetuated and will aggravate physical pain.

  6. Depression contributes to disability, from headaches, backaches or arthritis.

  7. Estimates 50%+ depressed people: where most individuals concentrate on physical pain or result disorders, ignoring or unaware of the underlying psychological issues. Such as depression. Studies suggest if Doctors tested all pain patients might discover more than 60% are depressed.

  8. Depression reduces recovery. Slows down physical response.

  9. Depression makes pain a challenge to treat. Depression and pain feed each other. Changes brain pathways function and behaviour.

  10. Isolation leads to depression… leading to further depression and isolation.

  11. Too much suffering causes pain.

  12. Pain causes fear of movement.

  13. Immobility causes further physical conditions and pain.

  14. Psychosomatic results from change in depression reduces pain.

What is not on the radar are the interactions from emotions to biological conversions

Hormonal influences linking pain and depression.

Pain rehabilitation centres, or specialists treat with same methods for both issues (pain and depression).

I question the long-term outcomes with slow out of date defaults that continue to be rolled out with little effect ! Costing social services and clinical health services enormous amounts of money with little solution. No investigations into questioning if physio therapy would be helpful or do they just need treatment for their emotional actions and reactions?

It seems all is churned out blindly without individual needs being investigated or recognised. Emotional pain is at best misunderstood or completely ignored!

No link as to why some people recover without pain while others fall into chronic illness and pain . No one seems to look or link how is the process linked ?

Primary methods used are :

  1. Progressive muscle relaxation hypnosis and meditation.

  2. Aspirin, Analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs

  3. Pain management

  4. Talking therapies

By looking at the bigger picture we can restore the individual to a new life without pain.

Psychological, neurological and hormonal influences affect pain and depression, re-education for professionals is urgently required to reduce suffering and continued misdirection in solutions.

Open education and discussion is urgently required for those who suffer, giving them the real reality situation, instead of plaster approach to little return.

Real solutions are available, making a difference to lives and eradicating pain without medication. Remove the emotional cause and the body responds with relief and disconnection from the true cause emotions.

Joy Wisdom


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