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Elder menopause webinar feedback

Good to see so many interested in the JWT elder menopause webinar last night.

Light bulb moments came fast and furious ! Good to see and hear the stories and comments with individual issues.

Everyone concentrates on Perimenopause when Post or Elder menopause issues persist and can be more serious with chronic health issues.

What does not dawn on women is that Elder menopause can continue on into our 70s. Even when we hysterectomy is involved. Menopause symptoms will be felt.

A shock to some. However women can be suffering from symptoms from menopause throughout our winter years. The risks become bigger as hormonal support exits. Bone density issues, joint issues, Arthritis etc. Heart dysfunctions and stroke, breast cancer are all involved with elder menopause.

Even when starting Perimenopause it is not too late to make change. To correct, slow down or even better prevent and correct earlier. To prevent and reduce elder menopause risks A JWT goal. To make women more aware. Because menopause highlights every weakness within us. And kicks back with symptoms!

The biggest issue is exhaustion and the knock on effect to women emotionally, mentally and physically. Hormonal issues are a constant starting with menstrual issues, conception, pregnancy and genealogical issues are all involved with imbalanced hormonal function. Continual imbalances affecting lifestyle and wellbeing. The highs and lows of hormonal imbalances are compounded in menopause. As hormonal support declines our body can struggle. Our adrenal system is there to take up the slack. However, if a woman is living flat line scenarios, burnt out emotionally, adrenals cannot step in to support… there is nothing to give! And the body goes into chaos!

Essentially, our proneness to the chronic outcomes start in our thirties. Hormonal imbalances are not great to live with. Causing distress and anxiety giving a knock on effect with further contraindicators, persisting, growing to bigger health outcomes. The cycle and circle just gets bigger and more distressing and complex health outcomes are formed.

Progesterone and Oestrogen is there to help us safe and protect us from many health conditions. When out of sync. Missing the opportunity to put the break on. Going from one crisis to another for some. The answer is to find the core issues which will be hormonal imbalances at the core of everything! By the time we get to menopause it is too late to turn the clock back. The damage base line is set. The suffering and life impacts have been daunting. The further outcomes ordained!

Why JWT goal is to educate females of all ages. Prevent and avoid.

Key is understanding and education as given last night. As women and health professionals we need to up our game and reduce the ongoing suffering that could be prevented with early intervention. Investigate in puberty and teens to make change. Correct and avoid long term issues.

As a female we accept our lot when we should be investigating period issues much earlier. Essentially the early onset of menstrual issues will indicate hormonal imbalances. The birth pill can cause more issues with Oestrogen dominance and further complications in health becoming a long list of disorders. Setting the scene for disorders and poor menopause experience.

Why menopause is unique to each of us.. What hormonal imbalances lived, damage or under par dysfunctions created, how long, poor system function.

Joy Wisdom

Founder of Joy Wisdom Trust. 11.23 Some Feedbacks: I found the Elder Menopause Webinar very informative giving me new insights and areas to check out what is going on for me and ways forward to improve the situation.

Thank you Joy. Christine ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was an amazing experience Joy, thank you a million. I was blessed with understanding, light bulb moments and concrete solutions. I feel stronger and more confident in tackling what was a daunting challenge completely outside my perception and ability. I did not quite get it one could say. Yesterdays menopause webinar was a perfect complement and expanded my understanding even more. Incredibly precious assistance and guidance to opening the window to the unknown within and on so many many levels Joy. I feel privileged and humbled by all the gifts you generously and ceaselessly bestow upon us. Mendi

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