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Eczema and gut issues - simple tip to help your self. By Joy Wisdom Trust

Do you or your child has gut and/or skin issues? Read on. ONE simple and logical 'help yourself tip' for skin and gut disorders. Because those who don’t drink enough water are more prone to skin and gut disorders.

I do drink water … in tea/coffee etc. !  Is this you?


In every case JWT specialist teams have treated with skin disorders such as ‘Eczema’ it has included dehydration factors. Start with drinking more water.


When water intake is poor, dehydration happens within body systems, hampering, slowing down digestive system ability to eliminate waste. Forming, build-up of toxins.

A knock on effect to the other elimination systems including skin, kidney, bladder and blood.


Ø  Gut impaired, headaches, sluggishness, sleep deprivation can follow. 

Ø  Generally feeling under par.

Ø  Wellbeing is impaired with digestive dysfunction.


Outcomes if no or little water intake is the case?

A diuretic effect happens: Some teas, coffee, especially those containing caffeine, can have a mild diuretic effect, meaning …may increase urine production.  

Contributing to fluid loss and potentially lead to dehydration.


1.     Dehydration can cause dryness an indication through skin.

2.     Hard skin on heels and toes

3.     A factor in Eczema

4.     Influences stomach issues.

5.     Reduces secretion - constipation.

6.     Build-up of toxins and poisons in systems

7.     Over time digestive and skin malfunctions may form.


Symptoms that can happen at any age.

Starts early, especially distressing for children. Not a great start to life.

Any age can be helped in a matter of weeks with integrated-whole-body-medicine investigation.


A longer route doing it on your own. There are logical answers as to why this is happening. And will be unique to you and/or your child. ‘Specialist’ help is required as hidden factors unseen, consciously not aware, commonly found.


If you would like JWT specialist faster whole-body-integrated approach to help adjust, tweak, and improve skin or digestive system conditions please give Joy Wisdom Trust a call find out more from specialised team, for faster track turnaround in wellbeing.


Sign-up for Parental programmes on children’s health,

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Parental, professional and school/parental/group education programmes.


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