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Burn out exhaustion, boost adrenals and menopause

Holidays are time when routine is interrupted. We eat and drink differently and peri-menopause symptoms are more prevalent. For instance over indulging in alcohol causes increased hot flushes. Pressures of preparations, overloading self, exhaustion sets in. The even keel is lost and we start to feel unwell, with hormonal symptoms kicking in! Pre-menopause is the start of hormonal change. Where the body starts to shift and change with hormonal decline. As women we have got used to internal hormonal deciding factors for around thirty years, menstrually helped conception, supported pregnancy etc., suddenly without warning hormones start to wane and reduce. Certainly, a shock to our systems. Feeling as though rug has been pulled. Everything is turned upside down.

Dependent upon how well our hormones have worked, supported us… or not. Will depend how we individually will react at this time.


Emotionally, a harrowing time, as memory goes, foggy brain and mental attributes seem to leave us in perimenopause.  Many women are misled that menopause only lasts a few years… perimenopause does. However, different stages of decline will continue into menopause and elder menopause, which can last for another twenty years, where serious health conditions can arise.  


As hormones reduce, adrenals are lined up to kick in to soften the absence of hormones.  A great plan. However most women live adrenal exhaustion from tiredness, over work and super mum living. Adrenals need support more than ever in perimenopause. 

In fact women need adrenal support persae.


JWT suggests women check out Ashwagandha to support adrenal function. Classed as a herb, used for centuries in India and a traditional Ayurvedic practice.  Plant root is used providing natural benefits to adrenals helps with cognitive function and helps to re-energise.

Wonderful benefits can be found with this herb, take daily. It will take a week or so to get into system.

Holidays are a time when routine is interrupted. After Xmas a client called to say she felt unwell over Xmas period, when questioned she had stopped taking her recommended peri-menopause supplements including Ashwagandha. Client felt so well, (thinking she didn’t need to take anymore)… It just goes to show how well they were working with her under the radar. JWT specialists recommended reintroduce again, she soon picked up and back to normal self in no time at all.

Hormones continue to reduce and decline; we just don’t know when! (Compared to coming down in a lift with a bang). The practical help is beneficial throughout, providing buffers to feelings and reactions, softening the blow of decline… making it a smoother journey, with less highs and lows, stability reigns.


Book a FREE 20 min call to discover more, how you can help yourself through the pre and post change of life with gynological and menopause disorders. Check out webinars, seminars, workshops. 1-2-1 therapy and maintenance packages to reduce exhaustion and tiredness. Improve lifestyle and diet with functional medicine. Improve and recalibrate hormonal support functions.  Avoid and prevent with practical knowledge.

We only know what we know, until we know differently!   

Joy Wisdom Trust.

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