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Birth Trauma exposed

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

It has been a very busy week of awareness events with Pregnancy Loss week followed by Menopause day (18th October) and Birth Trauma week 19th-26th October.

All three events are felt globally every day. Effecting millions of women and infants daily. Long term issues to women are misunderstood on all three topics.

A shocking and traumatising experience for any baby with birth trauma. Alarming and parents will think it is something they have done to cause this. When it is the type of birth received.

Intervention at birth is often involved. Long and fast births are other factors. The outcome for baby is fractious. Unable to sleep and eat. A big headache and feeling out of sorts. No wonder infant cries a lot, nothing will placate the infant. And if drugs were used in the birth process the infant will also struggling with drug affects.

Mother is often in the same way. Numb, getting over the effects of drugs and exhaustion. Birth trauma can hit mother and baby directly and dad indirectly, watching the horror of complications at birth. The long term effects can be ongoing years after birth event. Bonding is impossible in these situations and brign their own complications and long term outcomes.

I teach health professionals and parents the bigger picture of birth trauma. I have been working with mothers, babies and families for over 20 years with the effects of birth trauma. A few therapy sessions makes all the difference. Great success follows as trauma has dissolve and resolved for mother, baby, family unit, allowing bonding to take place. The ripple effect stopped.

Birth trauma is underlying in many behaviour issues and mental health and PTSD. Please learn more to help your child and partner avoid birth trauma. Don't let Birth trauma ruin another life.

Contact to learn more about the fast answers and solutions to birth trauma. Don't let your precious infant start life this way!

Join Joy Wisdom Trust (JWT) FREE webinar.

JWT is bringing bigger picture education a key for awareness and change. Clarity for parents, be prepared for birth and the choices available to prevent birth trauma.

JWT offers couples and professional education options. Person centred care programmes after birth.

Read my blogs and watch videos on birth trauma.

Please pass on this post if you know someone who has suffered birth trauma.

Support Joy Wisdom Trust a not for profit organisation to highlight women's and children's health issues.

Contact to discuss your story... we have a listening ear, help and understanding where other groups don't. Solutions are available.

Joy Wisdom Founder of Joy Wisdom Trust (JWT)

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