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Article part 2 - Menopause and exhaustion

Perimenopause is a big subject and living with the symptoms can be scary, majority of women are unaware of the full impacts.  Exhaustion is part of the problem.


As is the trend today it takes an investigation with a TV programme to highlight the plight of injustice in health for women. Certainly, brought more awareness and women up in arms with the injustice of what women can live, with no awareness and education.


Facts are: Perimenopause (the start of menopause process) takes a few years to complete while shutting down childbearing systems, hormonal factors decline.


Women often think peri-menopause is the full menopause

Only taking a few years to complete.  Well perimenopause does take a few years to complete, however there is a further 10 to 20 years to go to reach elder menopause for the three stage completion. This is where misunderstanding exists. Society in general, employers and male population are ignorant to menopause as they are to most menstrual and gynaecological disorders, only getting involved when conception or pregnancy is in focus.


As perimenopause instigates change, without a diary date or knowing, body decides when to start.  Hormonal levels are different to every woman, as is the balance or imbalance of endocrine system, shifts and changes occur as hormones decline and body adjusts to the reduction of hormonal support. 

Where at every stage body systems will react, over react and under react with cause and effect of hormonal reduction and body systems out of sync trying to correct itself from the rug pulled of less hormones to protect body/system decline. The body frantically looking for a back-up system to replace hormones.


The individual process is unique to each woman and logically body will react to the decline. This can fall in big shifts or slower, depending upon the base line of hormones and function and action supporting woman and her body systems.  Understanding brings more self-appreciation, understanding body systems allows women to feel more in control binging self-help methods to the fore.


Menopause is a whole body impact and whole-body-therapy is required to correct out of sync systems.  Menopausal impacts whether perimenopause or full menopause will influence all of us not just some systems as we are led to believe by media etc.


Exhaustion is not taken into consideration, underestimated with cause and effect in menopause response.


Exhaustion for women is a big factor in menopause.

The majority of women live different levels of exhaustion as the norm daily and will have done so for quite some time; women multitask much more than men. 

Pressures are felt every day, family, career, chores, shopping, cooking meals; after school clubs, nursery and busy household to run. Lifestyle today is pressured and can be extreme for women. Especially if a woman has left having a family until middle years. The trend these days.

Finding themselves starting perimenopause with a young family, which can be tricky with perimenopause challenges and hormonal decline.


Exhaustion causes low adrenal function. Spotlighted menopause and will cause bumps in the menopause journey. Tiredness can hit hard, as the body looks to adrenals to take over, fill in the gaps from lower hormonal support.  Living exhaustion means there is nothing to help the woman, already depleted adrenally, the outcome can be overload and overwhelm.  


JWT see the exhaustion factor constantly. 

Women depleted with no support or understanding of what to do for themselves.  And women need to understand. Take charge of the situation.  By helping to correct the adrenal depletion we feel instantly better. 


Imperative we have knowledge and natural support through these times; practical and natural support is effective. Where education and practical advice is essential.

Hormonal correction is a whole body issue. Full body correction helps rebalance internal, external strain.

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