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Affairs of the HeARt are troublesome leading to physical disorders

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

The physical heart receives impacts from trauma and emotions. Shocks of the heart can be found held within deep levels of tissue. Tissue damage causes lack of function for the human HeART.

Disorders such as lack of breath, chest discomfort, hypertension, blood pressure fluctuations and fatigue are some of the symptoms. Heart dysfunction also causes lack of confidence and increased emotions as the body systems start to deplete. Shock is also a BIG factor. The physicality is under strain to keep going, supporting life.

With heart dysfunctions we become more emotional, emotions such as tearfulness, shakes and trembling. Self-esteem and confidence plummets. We become a Shell of Soul.

As the HeARt is the HeARt of the Matter.

Energetically, we are also affected. Our energy systems decline. Our HeARt centre (4thHeART Chakra) is compromised with the emotional impacts and mental action/reaction follows. Sadness, grief and criticism will also help to decline energetics. With the decline of the heart we are mentally and emotionally affected to greater degrees than appreciated.

Essentially, we can be affected daily by harsh words, insensitivity and within our daily relationships, social interactions etc., We are bombarded by negativity from all quarters, we feel anger and frustration off emails, texts and from our TV. And wonder why we are stressed!

When in imbalanced and controversial relationships we are bombarded at a HeART level constantly. Decline is slow to start and will eventually speed up with the levels of hits equivalent to the punch in the gut. Sobering to think of the physical and energetic HeARt this way. A punch bag for others negativity. The body jars, with each hit, the shock is enormous, and the HeARt gets weaker with every strike. Eventually the damage is too great, and we start to decline physically, the heart gives up. Abuse would be an indicator here.

We also abuse ourselves, with criticism and neglect. Entrapped in the inner mind of punishment. Perpetuating lack of love. No receiving of gentleness or love unable to process kindness and help. Entrapped in their sorrows.

As stated the physical and energetic heart is key to keep fit. The hub of our happiness or sadness all will be stored as memories. Exercise your right to jettison, and unload the emotions that are the cause and effect outcomes. Please note physical exercise will not do it!

The impacts and kicks all logged. Unfortunately, we may have had a bad start to life with lack of bonding and nurturing. This is where the HeARt closes energetically, consequently physicality will struggle when not energetically supported.

I meet, treat and teach so many with these issues. Unhappy people and frustrated with themselves. Wanting the relationship of their dreams however, sabotaging the outcomes when received. Essentially unable to receive in life, with no parameters to know what this is. If they come from a background of no bonding and heart shutdown, how can they? This a bigger issue than recognised. Mostly unable to stay present and phase in and out of groundedness. One of the many outcomes from lack of love and nurturing living numbness and zombie like existence. However, it does not stop us craving LOVE. Inherited heart closure and numbness can be transferred within the womb, when that happens we are lost from day one, adrift with no rudder for life, the heart connection with bonding is our lifeline without it robotic with no interface for feeling. This is where mental illness and psychotic behaviour starts. Abandoned from formation…. And we wonder why our children have mental illness from a young age!

We can all say the words I LOVE YOU. But we don’t know what that is. It means different things to different people dependant how much you can receive.

I ask clients and students how many petals they hold in their HeART. I have met people who have none. One or two solitary petals. They are hanging by a thread barely alive from a HeART point of view and on the way to physical disorders eventually.

I have others who say they have thousands who are delusional and in denial of who they are and what is happening inside. In La, La land, out of body and not in touch with themselves.

Through emotional clearing on a one -to-one D.A.R.E session and workshops I am able to remove and heal the impacts to the HeART physically and energetically. We don’t associate health and energetics, but they go hand in hand and will be experientially affected nano second by nano second of life. Impacted as emotions and psychological literally kick in.

Testing is common to identify health issues, we have all sorts of tests to indicate heart function. Live blood screening is one. Quoting private blood testing is a preventative health care view of internal homeostatic balance.

We have people making appointments for D.A.R.E to check us out and one client Jane came for a session holding trauma and shock from a divorce. Not mentioning she had received live blood testing in our consultation. Perhaps she did not think it relevant at the time. At the time of her session I noted decline in her HeARt function physically and energetically. IGTA (inherited generational trauma and absorption) and past life issues were also present.

Jane was interested in other aspects of help and I suggested ‘SECRETS’ Innovative self-development workshop to help with her relationships and defaults keeping her from enjoying life from a different perspective. Jane also wanted to attend a ‘ONE LOVE DILH’ weekend training that help open her up to receive at a HeARt level. Jane had revelations on both workshops to how closed she was internally. Stifled and subjugation levels persisted on a HeARt and emotional level. Jane was incredulous as to what she held internally!

Some weeks later Jane contacted me explaining about the blood tests. Returning to have a follow up.

Amazed her Therapist wanted to know what she had been doing! Jane asked why?

Her tests had been a showing a concerning 7: Her test today had shown 1: No wonder her therapist wanted to know what she had been doing!

Jane had felt amazing after her D.A.R.E session so much lighter. Jane commented she was able to breathe again. The two workshops enhanced her on so many levels, enlightened on a physical emotional and mental level. Gave her tools and skills for life, she was getting her life back. Unbeknown to Jane literally. Biologically we hold the SECRETS of life, unaware of the hidden factors causing glitching in our life as described above.

Jane toldme she can run upstairs without being out of breath her chest expansion and mood enhanced. Her issues were IGTA and present-day life events that had left trauma and shock in her physical heart and upper torso.

Life just gets better with ZEST of Life!

Proving D.A.R.E Therapy and attending the incredible SECRETS & Diamond Inguz workshops improved her physical heart function. From a tested concerning seven to a one in two and a half months. How impressive is that.


The reason is that D.A.R.E and workshops deal with the impacts and remove them. Testing does not do anything other than proving a decline. In Allonus Training and D.A.R.E Therapy we go to the core of the issue whether it is in a one-to-one or in course time. Either way we will be making internal changes to enhance your life.

Not just physical issues. D.A.R.E is amazing in changing mental health and emotional issues. Clients are reporting depression gone in two sessions. Longer term issues such as Borderline personality disorders have received profound shifts to ‘Get their lives back’. One client told me ‘I am starting to feel for the first time in my life’!

What are you waiting for improve your LONGEVITY by attending workshops and enjoying revolutionary D.A.R.E Therapy. Or even better be a pioneer of this truly remarkable concept that works to improve wellbeing and health issues… FASTER

Check out website for dates of workshops to change your life and Look AFTER your HeART.

Founder Joy Wisdom

Awarded Inspirational Woman 2015

Awarded Practitioner of the year 2018

Read more from Joy’s New Book – ‘Mirror Image’ – Facts and Solutions IGTA

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