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ADHD professional training

ADHD new perspective ‘truth’ in professional training


Brilliant day Sunday where JOY founder of Joy Wisdom Trust, taught professionals the bigger picture and full impacts of ADHD. Adult and infant ADHD numbers are at epidemic proportions.

Training was outstanding with bigger picture perspective, bringing new appreciations of the multi factored weaves causing this chaotic disorder.


Training included emotional, mental and cranium aspects of ADHD.

Essentially, it starts from the womb, the intergenerational utero impacts in formation.

Mechanical cranium misalignments, foetal formation, birth intervention and Birth trauma,  overlooked and misunderstood and associated with behaviour, cognitive and ADHD disorder.


Professional attendees received amazing light bulb moments on key factors not taken onboard previously with ADHD outcomes. JWT training brought deeper understanding of ADHD.  Profound moments of mind cause and effect with emotional impacts, injustice and deprivation depths involved. Joy’s experience weaved into Joy Wisdom Trust brings a multifaceted professional training approach, bringing reality understanding and a new perspective on ADHD.


A new Perspective on ADHD, brings change in reality

If you have a child with behaviour or ADHD, Teen or adult suffering ADHD, it is not too late to receive help and cranium correction. As a health professional this ADHD training is essential for you.  Learning about the hidden depths of ADHD and behaviour, cognitive issues, successful methods with a bigger picture whole-body-trauma perspective, to overcome ADHD outcomes helps to reduce symptoms and behaviour issues from mechanical and cognitive imbalances, slowing down and with programme treatment helping to eliminate this disorder.


Please contact JWT for more information on professional ADHD and behaviour programmes .

A range of programmes and packages of education and therapy assistance for individuals and parents tailored to unique needs.


  •   ADHD education and therapy programmes. Parental guidance and support packages.

  • Pregnancy and ADHD hidden factors – prevent and avoid, solution programmes.

  • How skeletal adjustment after birth helps to prevent cognitive and AHD issues.

  • Birth Trauma – dissolve and resolve complex trauma – prevent cognitive, behaviour and ADHD issues.

  • Depression, anxiety and pregnancy – PPD/PTSD for mother, baby and dad.

  • Professional D.A.R.E therapy training.

Look out for live free webinars on ADHD, Birth Trauma, Allergies Register your interest - FREE venue seminars in your area: 1. ADHD 2. Pregnancy, Birth & Birth Trauma, avoid PPD/PTSD, long term antidepressants.


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