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Article by Joy Wisdom

Undoubtedly, several decades of IVF assisted conception has been seen as a boon for couples who find it a challenge to conceive. However, success is not guaranteed in IVF fertility. Miscarriage is an outcome from IVF too. And to some extent the roll out of IVF can be a traumatic roller coaster for couples. With ongoing IVF cycles, costly and unsuccessful. The drive for the outcome is all consuming and from JWT perspective the internal state of the woman is still imperative to get right to be 100% for full term success.

Having witnessed trauma and devastation of couples who go through IVF loss is staggering.

As couples leave it later in life to start a family, challenges occur in conception, turning to IVF for the modern day immaculate conception. Many celebrities have spoken out and shared their long journey experience with IVF. The weariness and emotional despair together with various drugs, throws a woman into chaos hormonally. Grief and disappointment follows, for both of the couple. A few rounds later, the extraordinary compounded effects and stress, anxieties are moving into mental health issues. Such as depression, anxiety and underlying PND/PTSD.

Women feel shell shocked from ongoing expectations. Some women have described the outcomes as ‘surreal’, ‘war torn’, ‘running several marathons’, ‘running on empty’, to arrive at their goal of parenthood. Feeling despair, helpless and hopeless, out of their depth in the IVF process.

The ravages of IVF can take its toll unwittingly. The bigger factor is the ongoing hormonal upset women continue to live with Hormonal imbalances, hormones are not corrected or rebalanced between cycles, causing greater distress and strain internally, with long term issues following on many fronts. I have witnessed women living burn out from their various IVF experiences. Even when success is finally achieved, long term underlying depression, trauma and anxiety can continue while pregnant, terrified of enduring loss again.

Joy has helped couples during two decades of specialist help. JWT suggests. By correcting hormonal imbalances, get into tip top condition for conception. Plan ahead and get the best possible IVF outcome. If internal systems are not compatible to new life, logic tells us IVF isn’t going to make it any better. Internal changes are required to improve systems to get the results desired.

At JWT, we would reduce pain and heart ache with guidance and solutions that can smooth the way to success. Stress is the biggest issue in natural conception and miscarriages. De-stress with whole body D.A.R.E solutions.. Find out more about biological dysfunctions, whole-body education and couples maternity training. Make your IVF cycles count, learn how to prepare, educate, receive skills and guidance for increased outcomes.

Save yourself thousands of £ pounds in the process.

Don’t struggle on, when simple and effective changes can be found to assist couples of all ages.

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Joy Wisdom

Founder of Joy Wisdom Trust

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