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Reimagine Eczema and skin conditions by Joy Wisdom Trust

Reimagine Eczema and skin conditions 'Result of' NOT true cause or disorder. A intergrated wholebody perspective. A common issue for children over the last 30 years. Eczema may form from weeks old, and strike at any age. Skin is the result of from a combination of internal dysfunction and overload. Unique to each. No two children or adults hold same core theme. Sometimes a process of elimination, while complex to find all the body systems-emotions involved.


With two decades of experience working with Eczema in children and adults, I find it is a whole-body-issue.  A combination and often a domino effect, cause and effect outcomes that started many moons ago. Logical when explained to parents regarding their children’s distress and outcome from Eczema.


Eczema is the outcome, not the cause from an integrated whole body perspective.

Factors include:

1.  Dysfunction of digestive, kidney, bladder systems, dehydration are factors, causing skin eruptions.

2.  Shock and trauma from emotional cause and effect impacts.

3.  Sleep deprivation from skin irritation/itching

4.  Biochemical and histamine secretions. 

A bigger picture view with various systems to check and aid back into function. The whole body investigation of cause and effect helps to reduce the effect of many a skin disorder.


The body has sophisticated systems to eliminate waste.

Compared to a giant plumbing system, the primary role of the digestive system is to eliminate waste. Where different organs, digestive and lymph all work together as a unit to eliminate toxins and poisons ingested through type of diet, fluid intake, medication and environmental impacts. Taking positive nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc. Removing  many negative impacts encountered in daily life.


When body is overwhelmed, emotional impacts such as anxiety, when systems are impaired. Which gives a domino effect.


When fluid (water) intake is poor, dehydration happens in body systems, hampering, slowing down digestive system ability to eliminate waste. Forming, build-up of toxins. Giving a knock on effect to the other elimination systems skin, kidney, bladder and blood.


Gut impaired, headaches, sluggishness, sleep deprivation can follow. Generally feeling under par.


Kidney, bladder function may decline, causing further domino effects, such as Eczema and stomach or gut imbalances. The body needs water to make it easier to eliminate from bowel and anis.  Digestive function slows down normal elimination.


What happens if only drink tea and no water?

A diuretic effect happens:


1.     Dehydration can cause dryness an indication through skin.

2.    Hard skin on heels and toes

3.    A factor in Eczema

4.    Influences stomach issues.

5.    Secretion

6.    Build-up of toxins and poisons in systems

7.    Over time digestive and skin malfunctions may form.


If you would like help to adjust, tweak and improve your skin or digestive system conditions please give Joy Wisdom Trust a call to find out more from specialist team with a FREE 20 min investigation call.



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