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Breast or bottle fed ?

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

The debate has raged for some time. Studies have shown that there are many benefits if a mother can breast feed her baby including better immunity.

2019 research has identified more subtle differences. Researchers believe infants brain development is involved via the nutritional content of breast milk versus formula. Infants bottle-fed were more likely to be left handed, linking brain processes that decide handedness. Left and right brain development take on specialist functions in the first nine months of life.

Breast fed infants between one and six months reported a 15% drop. Infants breastfed for more than six months resulted in a 22% drop of left handedness.

Source: University of Washington School of public Health: Journal Laterality: Asymmetries of body, brain and cognition. DailyMail.01.2019

Not all women find it easy to breastfeed. Some women find it a challenge to breast feed and are often frowned upon for not trying. The lack of milk production and lactation is linked to the Pituitary hormone level of function and maternity producing alignment.

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