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Speech and neurodevelopment issues strongly linked to taking pain killers

When pregnant, what we take from over the counter drugs and pain killers can be contraindicated in pregnancy. Especially in second and third trimester.


A new paediatric research has found a strong correlation in over the counter acetaminophen (the only analgesic considered safe for use though out pregnancy) may be associated with poorer neurodevelopmental outcomes in children, and delayed language development.


Pronounced among boys, with delayed speech development at in early childhood. The more acetaminophen mothers took,  (the later in pregnancy) the greater the deficiency of vocabulary and speech complexity. Contraindicators rose sharply in third trimester, were scientist conclusions at University of Illinois. Conclude that the second and third trimesters may be “windows of neurodevelopment particularly sensitive to disruption of language development by prenatal acetaminophen exposure.” Affecting neurodevelopment including cell differentiation, cell migration and new nerve cells formation.

Other studies have linked the use of acetaminophen (widely available to pregnant women for pain relief) during pregnancy and Autism.


Additionally, a Norwegian study found poorer motor development, internalisation or externalisation behaviours in 3-year-old children whose mothers took acetaminophen for 28 days while pregnant.


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