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Reimagine cause and effect of mental health disorders By Joy Wisdom

Updated: May 30

Psychological, MIND-Emotional issues have grown to extraordinary proportions in the last two decades and officially affects 1 in 4 people. What is alarming is the young age data figures, extraordinary numbers of young children are diagnosed as having Trauma, depression and anxiety on a daily basis. Unimaginable in in my day growing up.


There is no doubt Mental Health incidences start early in life and without finding and eliminating the root-cause can go on to influence long-term issues throughout life.  Trauma at a young age may influence and affect brain, frontal cortex development, critical factors in brain development, especially in the first two years of life.


Did you know 80% of brain cells that a person will ever have are manufactured during the first two-years after birth. If the process of building brain cells and connections between them goes wrong, studies show deficits are permanent. 


Birth trauma is a big factor in mental health issues. Anxiety, depression and affects our development of neurological brain pathways from the get-go. Trials have shown when a mother suffers from depression/anxiety she will affect her child’s cognitive development.  Logically when we live with someone who is depressed, stressed or anxious, we too feel the cloud of negativity, depression within the home and affects all of us who live with victims of mental health. 

Logic tells us we can receive indirectly, so why would it not affect an infant or toddler?


A key reason to ensure children are given help from adverse trauma from utero and after intervention processes whether elected or emergency.  Emotional devastation form birth process, long or fast birth trauma, is more prevalent than we realise. Factors in clients of all ages.

Early solutions are available to help mother and baby, to help reduce and prevent cognitive issues that will follow if not treated, with cause and effect such as, cognitive issues, behaviour and ADHD. Even Eczema is involved as a domino effect.


Genetically, we become more prone to psychological disorders when parent and/or grandparent has suffered anxiety or depression, (termed intergenerational transference) following suit, inheriting neurological deficiencies. Traits of dominance in cognitive and coping strategies (our coping strategies are formed within Utero).  Fact is we may be living underlying anxiety and depression even before born!


Data shows we are not tackling or addressing the core issues on mental health otherwise data would look differently. Mental health issues do not just arrive they grow slowly and undermine life overshadowing wellbeing and happiness.  Facts are we are ignoring core issues for women and children from birth processes. Often no one’s fault’. However facts are birth trauma happens daily. We do need to acknowledge and put practices in place to ensure birth trauma outcomes are prevented, eliminated and reduce core factors, help prevent long term health disorders.  Family unit improvements have a ripple effect upon society. Reducing the huge demand upon economics.  Millions could be saved, with support packages and birth programmes with immediate action to prevent and support birthing, avoiding mental health issues in one fell swoop.


Women suffering from birth trauma, PTSD/PPD/PND can go on to suffer years after the birth, trials and data proves the above. However no official acknowledgment or solutions provided.  The injustices are harrowing and we ‘Must prevent’. With emotional release solutions both parent and infant can avoid long term issues.

A happy family unit. Remove stress and worry for all. Children could avoid mental health issues with more awareness and professionals upshift in education. We have much to learn about emotional and mental health disorders and more so around the core reason why ?  Core reasons are unique to the individual. Like a shoe size and fitting, one size does not fit all.

We have a responsibility as a society and parent to ensure we put processes in place to protect our precious children and women from suffering.


If you suffer from a mental health disorder the faster the cause is found, the faster we can understand why, when and how.   Because you can be living from intergenerational trauma, which is not your fault.  There is no pill that will eliminate, but 1-2-1 emotional therapy can.


D.A.R.E therapy solutions exist for emotional release that is effective.



Joy Wisdom

Founder of Joy Wisdom Trust

07930 657790


Joy Wisdom Professional training D.A.R.E whole-body integrated Therapy


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