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Oxcytocin & breastfeeding

A drive to promote incentives for more women to breast feed has been announced, they include paying mothers to try the natural way.

There can be feelings of guilt and shame when new mothers can’t produce enough milk or find it a challenge to breastfeed. Often feeling inadequate and emotionally affected. Even in the same family it can be different outcomes for each daughter, as it is with fertility.

There is little explanation that the quantity and quality of breast milk is Hormonally driven via Oxytocin. This hormone is called the Love hormone and involved in bonding and pleasure driven emotions such as comfortable feeling when eaten a good meal, sexual activity and feeling happy and contented.

When Oxytocin is low within the mother then they will find it a challenge to breast feed. No one’s fault as the level of this hormone is different in each of us. I advocate that intervention and false Oxytocin given in complicated birthing and C-section interferes and depletes the natural hormone production and therefore, logically responsible for less women being able to breast feed.

Additionally, if the mother did not bond well with her parents then Oxytocin may be underdeveloped within her and therefore produces less with each child born to her.

Paying mothers to breast feed is not the answer.

Bonding and generating higher levels of Oxytocin would help tremendously.

Extracts from Chapters on Oxytocin and Breast vs Bottle – Pregnancy & Birth A New Generation by Joy Wisdom

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