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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Mirror Image – Facts and Solutions to Inherited Generational Trauma and Absorption (IGTA). By Joy Wisdom

Ground-breaking factual exploration as to how we behave, why we live mental health issues, how clinical conversion and utero is involved. Subconscious drives hidden aspects happening to us daily. Packed with case studies and a New Therapy solution.

Today psychological influences are an all-time high. We are living a critical stage of evolution. If we want good health, to prevent and enhance conscious living, we need to include the bigger picture via our parental absorption via foetal origins. Science has proved Holocaust victim transferring horrors to cause depression in grandchildren. (My findings commonly show 90% of emotions and behaviour caused clients and students ills, absorbed and formed in womb). Inherited Generational Trauma and Absorption (IGTA) is vast and has links to us all in one way or another, continuing the cycle and circle of deprivation, psychological, emotional, biological and physical suffering. IGTA continues abuse and lack in our lives. IGTA is global, living in various weaves. Culture and lineage continue a reweave of ancient within, held within our anatomy, subconsciously with brain dominance, to drive perpetual outcomes. IGTA is responsible for our vengeance, intolerance, lower cognitive abilities, ADHD and Autism; Continues and perpetuates wars and injustice.

The Facts and Solutions are explained

We urgently need to STOP the cycle of suffering. As anyone in their right mind would not want their grand and great grandchildren to be suffering from their choices, dysfunctions and emotional deprivation. What we unconsciously live!

NEW Horizons – Joy developed ‘ZEST of Life’ programme with solutions. D.A.R.E one-to-one Therapy; Training and workshops, educating professionals and individuals. Solutions resolve quickly and help prevent, to live better outcomes. Embrace fast changes. Unique experiences received, nothing like it, get your life back, with a clean slate for future generations.

‘How, Why and Who’ is responsible for our internal and ancestral inherited cycle. Stop cultural, lineage and/or family video replay. Live in in good health and abundance once more. Embrace ‘ZEST for life’

Content includes –

  1. Facts and solutions to emotions pain, abuse, psychosis and psychological issues. Addictions, Depression and Self-harm.

  2. The Cyber revolution and finding impacts on behaviour and brain development.

  3. How Inherited trauma and depression is transferred from parent to infant via womb. Absorbed from our environment and mirrored from others.

  4. Inner changes/conversion affects fertility and behaviour, likes and dislikes, coping strategies.

  5. Including conversion of DNA via smoking and producing Autistic traits

  6. Transference has scientifically been linked to Holocaust and war outcomes.

Learn how Grandmothers smoking habits linked to damaged fertility eggs and toxins.

‘Avon Longitudal study’ 2017 identifying hidden morphing, damaging and converting inner systems accordingly to each individual. Where great grandchildren more vulnerable from DNA changes from great grandmothers) having increased risk of autistic behaviour problems for future generations. 67% more likely chance to display autistic traits than those who came from a no smoking history.

We continue to find proof of generational inheritance and damage that becomes our legacies to live through no fault of our own, but left with the consequences. Through my own investigations and quests with clients, I have found IGTA to be much bigger than three generations science indicates, it is the tip of the iceberg in my opinion.

At the moment science doesn’t have all the ducks in a row to evaluate real living outcomes just yet!

Reality living is evident through the studies however, the enormity of the problems inherited and what we continue to create is very underestimated.

  1. IGTA Health results linked to influences responsible for Depression, internal Chaos, Addictions, Allergies, PTS, PND, OCD, Anorexia, weight gain and Diet issues.

  2. Psychologically IGTA is gigantic with Brain hard wiring unformed and bypassed. Holds Reptilian brain dominance. Erratic and illogical emotional cocktails, distress, fear, anxiety, suppression, anger and frustration, the list goes on!

  3. One of the most distressing outcomes is early suicide and self-harm which has been on the increase

  4. Mental health numbers sky rocketing.

  5. Mirrors and entraps what has been before in lineage, cultural dogma and ancient ways.

It is not the good or positive inheritance that is the problem but the unresolved, the detriment at a core level that has been transposed.

The starting point

A template passed on to continue the emotional or behaviour malfunction. It could be compared to a virus that does not die, but morphs into other concepts for us to live sometimes skewed out of all proportion.

The more I found, the deeper the realisation was that Generational inheritance became a big mismatch in the persons living and health parameters. Living influences and limitation that was not recognised at all by the defenders of the body. Weaved from birth and womb (foetal origins) formed the imperfections, limitations and dysfunctions of the parent, imparted to their offspring. And the sobering thought was not only parents, but also grandparents and great grandparents…. Then came culture, religion and lineage restrictions, via individuals who had lived and endured throughout time.

Whatever the strongest dominance or weakness of the parents were, were inherited to their child. As they were formed the duplication and add-on’s, formed to be passed on again. Restrictions became structured and enhanced as they grew and morphed into many parameters of living. As everyone became encased in ancient history, chained together like slaves all kept in a zone of living that was unacceptable by today’s standards.

I believe that this is one of the reasons we still have outdated behaviour such as domestic violence, intolerance and abuse within society. Certainly, trauma passes genetically and psychologically to future generations. We are formed from the dominance of parental lives and what they were conditioned to via their womb, living ancient past.

A template passed on to continue the emotional or behaviour malfunction. It could be compared to a virus that does not die, but morphs into other concepts for us to live sometimes skewed out of all proportion. Certainly, the Piscean age violence is still with us and anchored within our psyche and brain formation which we discuss later within the book. Because brain growth can be slowed down or bypassed in function, with numb areas underdeveloped and off line, is certainly part of the IGTA influences.

My findings made a lot of sense to the psychological subconscious behaviour. The emotional fall out and drive that individuals lived. Gave answers where no logic could make sense of their situation.

When I found IGTA in clients, and explained where it came from, individuals would be relieved. Previously thinking it was their fault, they had done something wrong to receive the punishment, limitation and glitches that continued in their lives. Unknown to them they had lived historical factors that did not apply today, however at a biological level it dictated from the grave and times past.

We don’t realise we become affected by and often take on others emotion that creates dilution of us in one way or another. Overtime function can become compromised.

Attend workshops and talks to find out more – check out events on the website.

Joy Wisdom


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