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Mental Health week blog by Joy Wisdom

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Mental health does not just arrive. It will have been slowly building over time. Strikes all ages from young to old.

Maternity, miscarriage and fertility are also involved in long term psychological issues. A topic that is under reported and underestimated. The numbers of PND/PTSD suffers from maternity torment has plagued couples and women for decades. The loss and grief is unsurmountable and individuals do not get over their adverse trauma. Logic tells us that if a woman is anxious or depressed in pregnancy then her infant will also be formed from the bombardment of emotions and chemicals, hormones etc., forming foetal origins for the infant to live (transference is the term). Certainly, an underlying factor involved in children’s irrational fears, depression and anxiety.

The process of IVF is very emotive and can be buffered from a successful outcome, however, the anxiety can remain with over protective parenting, fear of losing their child underlying and undermining their life. On the other side of the coin IVF processes with no birth conclusion is soul destroying. The process can be risky and full of anxiety and stress throughout the process. When many processes are undertaken the phycological, hormonal influences are both shocking and subtle taking the pleasure out of life. Endocrine systems can become chaotic, hard hitting Pituitary function. Burnout can occur from constant drug application and psychological impacts. Internal systems become imbalanced. Emotionally weary, fearful with expectation and disappointment. An internal war zone, living on the edge.

There are many stages of PTSD/PND. It is not one level. Underlying PTSD, shock and trauma can go on to cause mental health issues, depression and anxiety.

Just watching the media and news can cause shock and trauma on a daily basis. Survival and poverty living will add to the mental health state. Infertility and maternity issues, infertility, miscarriage are other factors. As the pandemic has highlighted we live on the edge more than we recognise. We can go on to feel lonely, isolated, feel vulnerability, unsafe in the world and unhappiness is behind the feelings. Feel cut off from life and it could have been with us since an early age or even the womb.

When we live with unhappy people we can also take on their feelings and low mood. We become aligned to their negativity and moods. I call this absorption. Absorption Living with sensations eroding over time, we take on others attitude to life. Break free of the unseen factors of cause and effect. Underlying our life.

D.A.R.E Body-Mind-Emotion radical Holistic Therapy with solutions to all types of underlying mental and emotional health issues. Look out for digital training options. Personal development/transformation and learn more about transference and underlying mental/emotional health issues. Open to anyone no previous experience is required.

Joy Wisdom Trust launched 2022, has the goal of bringing a New Era of Health with education and support approaches for women’s health. Maternity, IVF, Infertility, Miscarriage, Mental health and Abuse. For more information please check out website, You tube videos, all media outlets.

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