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International Women’s day 8th March 2023

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

A time to bring women’s issues to a bigger platform bringing awareness to the fore. By changing you…. you then go on to help change future generations of equality for all. Being an elder on this platform, my youth and independence needs were very different from the needs of women today….. We have come a long way since my birth in 1950. My early days was a time for being seen and not heard. Victorian values were instigated. Expectations were abound of what you could do and not do. Religion was dominant and different religions didn’t mix. Seventy years ago colour of skin was a barrier to relationships and social interaction. Beliefs were narrow. Vision on availability or rather what was open to a female was limited. Young women were expected to marry and have children that was their role! Careers and university were unknown to female masses. Young women left school with the goal to work in a local factory, office or nursing. Education for women was limited, even if they had the opportunity to go on to higher education it wasn’t expected to last. …..women continually sacrificed their career to look after family and home. A mirror image of what had been on offer for decades. Generations of women were suppressed, oppressed and repressed and continued to follow suit. With little education, women were servants, little choice and sacrifices made to their stoic situation. Abuse of women was rife in the home, little consideration for women’s health issues were not observed. Many a woman died early from endometriosis and fibroids, wasted away from harsh living and anaemia. New Age thinking of 1960s, revolution started. Germain Greer and others burnt their bra. Outspokenness of what women wanted started to filter through society. Frowned upon from males and even today we have the same attitude from some quarters. What really made revolutionary changes for women (giving more independence and choice) was the birth pill. Something we take for granted today. However the birth pill meant that women could choose if they wanted pregnancy. Instead of continued childbearing, with little contraception. There was a saying of my grandmothers/mother’s generation. If a woman spoke out and too pushy! Males would say ‘keep her poorly shod and pregnant’ the control mechanism of many an age. A suppressive way to keep women worn out via childbearing and exhaustion. Large families had been the norm before contraception. Birth control meant women could have smaller families. Smaller families meant women could have a different life, instead chained to the sink! Life changed considerably for women in the 1960s. Women had part time jobs. Independence to earn a wage, to have a voice. They found new found freedom, grew in confidence. More girls had the opportunity to have better education. Paving the way for what we enjoy today… choice and more equality. Modernising society in evolution. Brave women have paved the way for what we take for granted today. Remember and honour women who spoke out and made a stance. In the 1960s we had Jane Fonder, Germain Greer, Shirly McLaine and feminist movement groups were set up. Betty Frieden set up national organisation for women, one of the early leaders of women’s rights movement of the 1960s. As in the times of suffragettes, many women were persecuted for using their voice and demanding change. Today we have more modern approaches, with ‘ME TOO’ and rights for women is available. Today when we look back it is true women’s status has improved. Although not far enough…More rights of acknowledgment in the West, however other continents continue with oppression. Blind spots stubbornly remain. Suppression, repression and oppression still exists in many quarters. Abuse and violence against women and children remain off the scale with 1 in 4, a cancer in our global society. Women, children are raped and trafficked. Slavery exists today, continuing ancient ways. Pawns in a world of sexual aggression and control. Women and children live in fear. In some parts of the world females are classed as second and third class citizens. Global ancient thinking remains. Tribal and religious dogmatic beliefs are out of date and needs radical, profound change from elders of religion and pulpit for equality of all. As we pave the way for future generations. I think the most disappointing of all is that history shows us women’s health issues haven’t ever been acknowledged fully, misunderstanding remains and during 2020-22 England government survey highlighted same results, unjust, under acknowledged by society and little improvement medical advancement. Little real understanding of the bigger picture of emotional and psychological outcomes from disorders such as endometriosis. Surely, a poor state of affairs in this day and age. Unfortunately society is slow to change. We have come far since 1900s, even more advances in the last 70 years. Parts of the world remain dominant of male suppression beliefs. In seventy years we would expect faster change. But it is still men’s abusive ways and sexual appetites that rule many a women and child’s world. We expect faster change for all future generations… essentially it is down to us! We must change and remove our thinking around slave, servant, sacrifice living and consciousness. Empower women to move away from the default of old cultural ways. ZERO tolerance for suppression, repression and oppression of genders. Media campaigns of equality in school, university, workplace and society. Women and children need to feel secure and safe in their world. Safe in their homes. Respect and honour goes both ways. It starts in social interactions, everywhere. Respect and honour as base line of life, for all. By changing you… you then help to change the world of future generations. Improve your mind and emotions for generational change and evolution transformation. Respect means NO to intolerance and separation of genders. Unfortunately parts of societies understanding of respect and honour is unknown. Why we need social interaction education. We need more of the middle ground instead of swinging from one extreme to another. In some cases we have generations of conditioning to remove! Healing the scars of life and no equality. By changing you… you then help to change the world of future generations. Joy is an author, inspirational mentor and teacher. Taught empowerment for over two decades. Offers cutting edge Allonus ‘ZEST of Life’ educational programmes, mentoring and empowerment programmes, reinstating core strength building inner resilience and self-esteem/self-worth. Joy Wisdom Trust offers women’s health support programmes, pregnancy loss support, offers radical therapy options, group and couples lifestyle education and corporate seminars. For more information - watch Joy Wisdom You tube videos, website blogs, articles, books. Joy Wisdom 03.23 See websites: Allonus ZEST of Life programmes.

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