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ADHD cause, effect new solutions

ADHD new thinking and out of the box approach for whole mind-body recovery


ADHD numbers are at epidemic proportions and a global issue.

Prevention and avoidance is key to help protect our children from living this disorder.

What is clear from professional and individual training, a bigger picture in ADHD education and information is urgently required from a JWT perspective.


Early Investment in mother/infant birth experience, from type of birth and birth trauma could reverse ADHD children’s epidemic. It makes sense to instigate early infant attention, with specialist methods to correct skeletal and complex trauma. 


Astonishingly cognitive behaviour and ADHD  issues, could be avoided and most of all prevented.


1.     Crucial to treat infants after birth intervention and birth trauma, as both are clinical factors.

2.     Data and trials have been around for some time, yet not associated or linked with type of birth, complex trauma forming cognitive, behaviour issues and ADHD.


Pregnancy and how mothers are emotionally and tiredness also a factor

Crucial to help women in pregnancy. Less stress, exhaustion at pre and post birth.

Exhaustion at birth means a likely hood of intervention and birth trauma, long term PTSD, PPD  and anti-depressant use.


3.     Trials have shown PTSD and PPD (formally known as post-natal depression) lowers cognitive development in infants and toddlers.

4.     Can be involved in infant depression, anxiety and behaviour, less cognitive development.


The numbers of PPD/PTSD from birth is astonishing. University studies have shown large numbers of women are still suffering up to two-years later! Use of antidepressants is at an all-time high and contraindicators are a well known risk.  Economically, costs are a strain on society, NHS etc.

Long term slow recovery from birth trauma, is underestimated, a cause and effect ripple to family unit, career, and overall mother’s, wife, family wellbeing. Ripple effect is enormous, to all children, effecting education, mental health, anxiety and relationships, family bonding etc.


It makes sense - By supporting, preventing, educating, women and health professionals in pregnancy exhaustion. Preparing women for birth. It is more than a tick box of equipment. Preparing themselves for birth. Effectively recognising and treating complex birth trauma, the ripple effect and women’s automatic health decline from PTSD, PPD can be slowed down, prevented and avoided.  

Therefore preventing their children from living traumatic, anxious lives. forming behaviour issues and ADHD!


Transference is not associated with mental health disorders. When very much passed down from generation to generation. Leaving this unchanged means we are creating issues in future generations. As adults with depression, anxiety, complex trauma; ADHD can be formed and transferred to offspring.

Founder Joy’s inclusion understanding and extensive knowledge from a  two-decade plus  professional experience. Involved in ADHD 1-2-1 and professional training, her experience is weaved into  JWT profound,  hidden aspect training programme. Exposing factors instigating long-term cognitive, behaviour, ADHD complex trauma disorders to come.

Families, councils and schools cannot cope. Going under from the volume of demand and economic outlay, where firefighting continues. Seems there is ‘No’ appetite for improving or finding solutions.

From JWT founder Joy Wisdom perspective, the apathetic view continues to grow to unrealistic proportions of ADHD disorders within society. No one seems to see beyond the recognition of the disorder.

An epic injustice to children and adults who live this disorder without any light at the end of the tunnel with a harrowing and challenging life ahead.


Incredible to JWT that we are so blinkered in our approach, excessive economic outlay continues, letting this happen without questioning results or looking for alternatives.




A new Perspective on ADHD, brings change in reality


If you have a child with behaviour or ADHD, Teen or adult suffering ADHD, it is not too late to receive help and mechanical correction.


As a health professional JWT ADHD training is essential for new insights and understanding. 

Learning about the hidden depths of ADHD and behaviour, cognitive issues, successful methods with a bigger picture whole-body-trauma perspective, to overcome cognitive and ADHD outcomes helps to reduce symptoms and behaviour issues from mechanical and cognitive imbalances, slowing down with programme treatment helping to eliminate this disorder.


Please contact JWT for more information on professional ADHD and behaviour programmes .

A range of programmes and packages of education and therapy assistance for individuals and parents tailored to unique needs.


  •   3rd Trimester pregnancy support. Preparing for pre-post birth packages

  • How to prevent and avoid, behaviour and ADHD solution programmes. Parental guidance and support packages.

  • Birth Trauma – dissolve and resolve complex trauma – prevent cognitive, behaviour and ADHD issues.

  • Depression, anxiety and pregnancy – PPD/PTSD for mother, baby and dad.

  • How skeletal adjustment after birth helps to prevent cognitive and ADHD issues.

  • Professional D.A.R.E therapy training.

Look out for live free webinars on ADHD, Birth Trauma, Allergies. Articles, blogs, videos on website. Register your interest - FREE venue seminars in your area: 1. ADHD 2. Pregnancy, Birth & Birth Trauma, avoid PPD/PTSD, long term antidepressants. 3. Avoid exhaustion - Preparing pre-post birth packages











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