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Shell of Soul – Free recording of first chapter



Shell of Soul

Joy’s second book looks at the consequences of life from a different angle. Where, what we create today will become our future, warts and all. It is what we have done in our past that come back to haunt us in many different ways. Physically, emotionally and psychologically and we thought we understood the consequences of karma. Karma fades into the background once we start looking at ourselves from the inside out.

What we do today has an impact on our future life. As our past (lives) have impact upon today (our present life). We are the creation our past, present and future.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not it makes a lot of sense to our health disorders, a vision from a new angle, a different approach to clearing the influences that plague us today, emotionally, mentally and physically. Giving answers to jettison the past and create a new future.

Have you ever wondered why we are all different?

I have and with research I have brought new techniques called Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (DARE) with visions to treat health and psychological disorders.  Finding reincarnation as the missing link to disorders and disease.

It is not advisable to pour new wine into old bottles, as the new wine becomes contaminated!  But we do this over and over again with our new life scripts. Bringing with us the decay, negativity and extending restraints that has been part of our historical existence. Continually diluting our new life back into the old habits we no longer require! Essentially revisiting to the status quo instead of new learning and discoveries that await us!

Essentially we therefore live virtual lives instead of the real life we have come to explore. I have found individuals only living a very small percentage of their present life script being overlaid with templates and patterns from previous incarnations.

Individually we hold route maps to revisit, we have a caldron of activity very prevalent, triggering from our history, hindering the present life script, keeping us entrapped in the old paradigm of historical ways instead of living and learning the new available to us today. Leaving a map of a ‘Ground Hog Day’ replay, with previous demise and disorders as a base line.

When we deal with the hidden aspects at play with Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (DARE) we have many alternative opportunities and outcomes, including better health, additionally it also means that we bring less with us next time around. Future life scripts are liberated from the demise of our history and generations, stopping the circle and cycle in its tracks.  Logically to live life as it was planned without the reincarnation interference! I do believe this is the true GIFT of DARE…

Reincarnation can be compared to the best holiday you could have. You have put all the pieces together, planned the itinerary now you want the experience. Did it work out the way you planned?   Or were there pitfalls? With each decline in a life script we become less of our true selves – we become a faded aspect. We are becoming a shell of the Soul…