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Webinar - Menopause

Highlighting women's health issues and menopause, Anxiety and Hormonal imbalances

Tutor: Joy Wisdom

Dates: 2024 date  - TBC

Times: 20:00 - 21:00 (GMT, LIVE online meetings)

Venue: Online classes - Zoom
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*Fee applies - (£35 per evening webinar)
Overview: Unfortunately little is understood about the reality of menopause and long term issues of mental health. All types of society and professionals have no idea of what is happening to their women, wives, mothers and grandmothers. When a women is perimenopausal it is a shock to her system, the family/work environment.

Majority of women are unaware of peri-menopause /menopause until hits.

Almost half of menopausal women suffer harrowing experiences and find it a challenge to cope. Feeling as though the rug has been pulled on their lives. Menopause affects women emotionally, psychologically and physically.

By attending this webinar learn more about the reality of menopause, unique outcomes, Q&A, facts and solutions on offer.

Love Joy x

Live Webinar Menopause, Anxiety, Hormonal imbalances.

  • Introduction, Symptoms and Hormonal issues
  • Solutions and education to implement to help yourself

  • Q&A after each webinar

    The Menopause is not an illness, it is the change of life. However it may feel like an illness for some females. Women experience many symptoms that making them feel very unwell. 


    Lives can be miserable during this rather long transition. Every woman deals with the menopause differently. Being unique, it will come down to the internal factors, hormonal imbalances or chaos and endocrine system performance, how long imbalanced and out of kilter?


    Recent media exposure from Davina Mc Call programme has exposed the plight of women once again. Women experience many issues from an early age from, menstrual issues, maternity, birth complications and menopause. Invariably females receive ongoing emotional and psychological issues, comes as part of the package from my experience. Majority are left to get on with it and structure or assistance is available. Education missing and mostly a personal ad hock education journey. Unaware of the full picture affecting women/girls, which is a long, long list. Responsible for many of our ills and ongoing health issues.


    For instance alcohol will exacerbate hot flushes. Reducing or eliminating alcohol is a bridge too for some women. Becoming a crutch at the end of our stressful day !


    I have been involved with women’s health for over two decades plus a personal perspective from my own menstrual, maternity and menopause journey’s. Forty years ago when I started my own menopause journey there was very little help and my quest was a personal tried and tested exercise. As a clinical practitioner I paved the way and helped other women.


    Join me for education and LIVE webinar exclusive information and solutions.


    Read my book on Women’s health issues – don’t let the title fool you it is full of information on women’s and children’s health issues.



    Buy online: Allonus, Amazon and good book shops. Paperback and E book.

    Watch videos about menopause


Webinar - Menopause

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  • Webinar - Menopause

    Highlighting women's health issues and menopause, Anxiety and Hormonal imbalances

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