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Incontinence and bed wetting by Joy Wisdom

Bladder issues can plague all ages more than we acknowledge.

A bigger issue more than we know. We may use products to lessen the impacts such as pads and throw away pants. However it is not dealing with the core issue at all. Still living with the embarrassing bladder disorder. Distressing, embarrassing and causes a lot of grief for all ages young and old.


Fact is incontinence can be a whole body issue not just the bladder.

A physical dysfunction, hormonal or meridian imbalance, emotional impact, shock and trauma can all be involved in incontinence issues; Cause and effect of emotional impact are involved and may be a core of various dysfunctions including bladder response.  

For children, they are often affected from the type of birth experienced. Shock arrives with birth trauma. In those early hours, lack of parent bonding and/or loss of connection to parent may be involved.  i.e.: Separated from mother after birth.

We under estimate the impacts emotionally even at hours old, shock and trauma hits different systems, cause and effect then shows itself in weeks, months to come. Greif is felt, as a young infant, losing a parent, grandparent, a favourite toy are factors too.


The knock on cause and effect will show itself in various ways including breathing, bladder control, sleep deprivation etc. Fractious sleep, anxious living, worry in all ages. The longer dysfunctions or imbalances continue the more impact on the physical. Breaking down physical performance, cause and effect continues (as above), commonly found in D.A.R.E whole-body therapy investigation. 


D.A.R.E practitioners are taught to look for the cause not just deal with the outcome which in this case would be bladder incontinence. Following the cause and effect pathways of decline from emotional impacts. A new way of finding the core unique for each individual.


From a D.A.R.E whole body point of view bladder is the outcome not the cause. 

We are a unit and whole body can be affected, with particular systems impaired due to the emotional impacts received. Hormonal impacts and endocrine disruption factors in incontinence outcome.


Small intestine controls absorption: absorption occurs after water passes through the stomach and into small intestine. The small intestine, (approx. 20 feet long), primarily responsible for water absorption through its walls and into the bloodstream.


Hormonal - Pituitary and Hypothalamus regulates hormonal ADH also known as Vasopressin, regulates water intake.


Kidney: If body doesn't produce enough ADH, (Vasopressin) kidneys don't respond to hormonal release, and therefore the body loses too much water in urine output.


Signs of low ADH hormone include: 

  1. Excessive thirst.

  2. Frequent urination


The association with bladder incontinence from emotional impacts, shock and trauma is little considered. Yet is the crux of the matter in so many people. Fear, abuse, shock is found underlying from (D.A.R.E - Dissolve And resolve Emotions) investigations. Stress hormones will disrupt endocrine function and malfunction in many ways (as described above). By finding and reducing emotional impacts for the individual (first step) to allow the bladder to return to normal control. Individual is reconnected to realign and correct internal states.

Read Case study example below :

Case study - Adrian’s Story


I saw Adrian (name changed for confidentiality) when he was 7 years old. He had lived with bed wetting for a long time. Mum said he had issues as a toddler too. Bed sheets changed every day. The impacts upon family life is not taken into consideration with incontinence. Adrian was OK during the day, however at night no control, no registering needing to visit toilet. He would sleep through the parental ‘dream sleep potty use late at night’.


Adrian was a C Section birth baby. He also suffered breathing issues and had an inhaler.

A healthy active child otherwise. Well-nourished, strong frame, an alert child.


Mum mentioned Adrian had been on bladder medication for some time. Medication had not made any difference to his night time bladder issues. When I met Adrian he had been off medication for around six weeks.


Checking Adrian’s body, I found a weak bladder. Nervous system to bladder impaired. Bladder meridian compromised. Bladder was not emptying properly.

The Hyperthalamus which regulates water intake in the body was also out of kilter.  Hormonally out of sync as described above. The delicate balance of meridians and nervous system impulse to kidney and bladder impaired too.


After session 1 Adrian had one night without bladder release and slept through dry.

Adrian ran into his mums bedroom to ‘show off’ his dry overnight nappy ‘look mum, ‘DRY’.


By session 3 Adrian had gone 6-nights straight. The next day was a return to school after Easter holidays and he had a small blip (being anxious of school return).  


By session 4 ten-days later no accidents. Body alignment meant he could go for longer without excretion. Mum said his first ‘wee’ of the morning was like a horse! Emptying his bladder more efficiently, bladder had adjusted to improvements, storage and accumulation levels too.

Hormonal changes meant bladder and hormones more synced, enabling head, body, nervous systems to correct and work together.


Relief all round. In just 4-sessions (4 hours) what a difference in the boy, proud of himself happier in himself. We had one 30 min recheck after a couple of weeks.

Less work and washing for mum. A relieved child, who had lived with embarrassment, shame and upset. Mum reported he was a happier child.. he was proud of himself and rightly so.

Emotionally we don’t realise how it affects us under the radar… No longer an issue… and sleep overs free of accidents.


A fast (4 hours) turnaround with instant changes. Help your child to be rid of body imperfections and emotional fall out from incontence, it works for all ages. We just need to find the true cause with whole body investigation to help remove the crux of the matter hidden from sight.


Joy Wisdom  April 2024


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