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ADHD adult - cycle and circle continues until now!

The Cycle and Circle continues until NOW.

ADHD is more common in males. Females do suffer from the condition and suffer in a less extreme manner.


Anger and frustration are symptoms of the disorder. Violence is often involved as a child and adult. Additional mental health and behaviour issues are formed,  adding a cocktail and complexity to the disorder.  Extreme and outlandish behaviour can form.

As adults many turn to drink and drugs to dampen down the confusing and chaotic experience lived daily. Putting extra pressure on social services and Police.

Drugs used for subduing and suppressing ADHD behaviour as children has been in action for a couple of decades, and leave their mark on mind and body, with contraindicators.  Taking drugs early makes me question if we are turning our children into drug addicts early, with no surprise re addiction later.


The ADHD mind is formed differently. Cognitively Individuals can have a brilliant mind, however developing and expressing is one of the handicaps of ADHD. Too hyperactive to take in learning. Their world is an isolating and lonely place. Feeling abandoned and rejected by society. Misunderstood and left to muddle through. Education is challenging with this condition and trend is 1-2-1 attention, or home education visits for schooling which puts a strain on economics. One estimate suggests £18,000 extra a year (per child) in education alone.


Genetic impacts are involved in ADHD.

We now have generations of ADHD growing into future generations.

Essentially, with no correction ADHD (as an example formed from birth trauma in grandfather), the genetics of the condition is therefore passed on to the next generation. Can morph into more excessive conditions.  Sometimes, misses a generation and resurfaces in future grandchildren. ADHD, is understood from a genetic observation however, not fully taken on board from an inherited mechanical factor.   While genetic/mechanical  dysfunctions are passed down the situation gets worse.  No wonder Adult ADHD numbers are at epidemic proportions.


A very unjust situation for future generations and children, harrowing and appauling outcomes for whole family unit, disruptions rules and ripples out much further than appreciated. All family is affected, emotionally, mentally and restricted by the ADHD disorder. Becoming the norm when abnormal.


The life of an adult ADHD suffer is very challenging.

Fancy living your life for 60 years with underlying chaos, confusion, harrowing events, daily frustration, anger etc.  Yet expected to function and fit in with society!  And only acceptable when a certificate is given, and drugs taken?  No light at the end of the tunnel, nothing improves, just ground hog day is all you could look forward to. No one to turn to for help. Everyone gives up. Family worn out and over wrought.


Friend and relationships are tricky and unattainable. Career is a challenge. Worse than a life sentence in prison…… their own worst nightmare and prison is lived daily with ADHD. That means all ages live this, not just a few!

As one mother asked on a forum, after kickbox of certification, school etc, what do I do now?


Unfortunately there is no help or guidance only firefighting with huge economic and social oncosts to society from a Joy Wisdom Trust point of view.

Such an injustice to children and adults who live this disorder without any light at the end of the tunnel with a harrowing and challenging life ahead.


Long wating lists are prevalent with overload of ADHD victims.

It can cost over three thousand pounds to produce a certificate of ADHD disorder. Nothing has changed as far as the child or adult symptoms when money is paid out. It verifies the disorder.  It does not cure or improve wellbeing.  A piece of paper, health wise stressful to receive, yet does nothing practical for the sufferer or family.


Wouldn’t it be better to invest in something that could make change. Direct action and therapy where you could have a large amount of 1-2-1 attention, improvement in symptoms, improvement in quality of life and wellbeing.


Mentoring, support guidance in understanding; support packages looking at the unique needs of body, mind, child, family.  All the family would benefit, with half the cost of a certificate!  The ripple effect would continue with improved school attendance. Improved learning, able to integrate back into society, getting life back.


From JWT perspective,  prevention and avoidance is missing and the apathetic view continues to grow to unrealistic proportions of ADHD disorders within society. No one seems to see beyond the recognition of the disorder. Families, councils and schools cannot cope. Going under from the volume of demand and economic outlay, where firefighting continues.

No appetite for investment for improving or real reduction solutions.


We have to start somewhere. Stop the train running off the rails! Reduce economic outlay.

Stop the tragic living ADHD brings.


Founder Joy Wisdom has two decades of specialist knowledge. Professional understanding and worked with children and adults with ADHD.  JWT is a platform of integrated approaches, specialist therapy knowledge and application driven by Joy’s experience, to help bring faster solutions to improve ADHD living. 


Alternatives that reduce economic outlay, helping improve for parents and children.

Allowing all ages to have a life. A quiet and more peaceful living, allowing relationships and a new quality of life and wellbeing.  It is not a lot to ask for.



A new Perspective on ADHD, brings change in reality


If you are a teen or adult suffering ADHD, it is not too late to receive help and mechanical correction. As a health professional JWT ADHD training is essential for new insights and understanding.  Methods include genetic and generational transference skills.


Please contact JWT for more information on professional ADHD and behaviour programmes .

A range of programmes and packages of education and therapy assistance for individuals and parents tailored to unique needs.


  • ADHD solution programmes. Parental guidance and support packages.

  • Dissolve and resolve complex trauma – a cause and effect of cognitive, behaviour, ADHD issues.

  • Professional D.A.R.E therapy training.

Look out for live free webinars on ADHD, Birth Trauma, Allergies Articles, blogs, videos on website. Register your interest - FREE venue seminars in your area: Book your free 20 min slot to discuss further













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