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You will find professional practitioners and staff who are compassionate and enthusiastic about what we do, and committed to our programme. 

Joy Wisdom

A long-term clinical practitioner, educator, and author, passionate about pregnancy and children’s health. Joy has 25yrs experience in treating clients. Women and children’s health disorders, specialising in birth and adverse trauma disorders. Psychological and emotional issues.  Teaching Holistic’s since 2005. Founder of Allonus ZEST of Life programme.  


You will find practitioners and compassionate
therapists committed to your individual case.

IVF can be challenging for some couples. JWT has treated couples and women to prepare for the IVF experience. We seek to create the optimum conditions for success. Women need support from the IVF drugs and process that can be anxious and stressful with no guarantees. Where IVF is unsuccessful, we recognise the distress can be a mix of PND and trauma. Importantly, we recognise IVF can involve multiple cycles before a successful outcome.

Joy Wisdom

Post-Natal-Depression can strike at any time. It is estimated at least 20% of new mums suffer PND. This can be a mix of PND and PTSD from traumatic birth, miscarriage and still-birth. It can be a misunderstood diagnosis and combination of factors including anxiety, panic, frustration, feeling hopeless and mood swings. JWT has treated women that are simply exhausted, but had been diagnosed as having PND. We recognise 60-80% of new mums may suffer from postpartum blues (previously known as Baby Blues) and that for decades this data has been understated. 

Joy Wisdom

Accessible from anywhere

JWT offers online consultations to ease the burden of travel in those challenging moments. Sessions can be arranged during mornings, afternoons and evenings to suit your availability.

When distressed, grieving and saddened people do not want to interact. They tend to want to stay at home and retreat into safe and familiar surroundings. 

Digital online communication means no travel or inconvenience. Embrace interaction in the comfort of your own home.


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